Hi all, first time poster need some help !!

I found this at a local value village (goodwill) and it just seemed to nice to pass up. It needs some work, the belt was broken and needs a stylus, but those items I've figured out.

1.Does anyone know who the real manufacture of this is ? It's Japanese made, imported to the Quebec Ontario company for distribution in Canada.

2. The 33/45 selector was sheered off, after taking it apart the mechanism was frozen, so they must have tried to wrench it. I just squirted some penetrating oil in and have it moving so I'll be able to select 33/45 now, but where would I find a replacement for this ? You can see it in the right hand corner of on of the pics I've posted. Looks like it was just a post attached to the milky white knob underneath that pushes the long spindle. I'm lost with this one. I don't even know what to call it.

3. I'm not interested in 45 records at all, if I just remove the entire mechanism and just let the belt spin on the spindle alone will my records play at 33 or 45 ?

Thanks in advance, I'm not an expert, but this seems like an above average player, wondering if replacing that 33/45 selector is worth the $$, especially since I'll now be able to manually move it from below and just use it at 33.

Sorry, will not allow my pics to upload, might need some help with that as well.