A few weeks ago I started using a turntable for the first time (Rega RP1).
It just hit me recently that I cannot connect my headphones (Audio-Technica m50) to my pre-amp (Camrbidge 551P), which only has an RCA output, that I use for my speakers (some Logitech set).

I guess what I need is a separate pre-amp or amp to connect my headphones to.
Specifications I'm looking for:
- Have a volume control. My headphones don't have one.
- A 6.5mm output.
- I'd like it to be as minimalist as possible, with no other functions or connecting possibilities.

Do you know about some amps of that kind?

And another question, for those of you who use turntables both with speakers and headphones:
Is it possible to connect the turntable to the Cambridge pre-amp and to the future headphone amp at the same time? Will I have to use an RCA switch as well?

Thanks in advance!