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Thread: Anyone tried this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy T View Post
    We tried both the big Mook and the Dalby weights. Same results on a few different tables, Dalby killed the Mook.
    feedback I have had is that the Durand is preferred by some, and the Dalby is preferred by some.....of those who have heard them side by side.....which I have not done.

    here is a little 'fluff' from Audioexotics relative to that question.....
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    Hi Guys,

    I think these clamps work best with non suspended designs. Indeed, the Dalby is only recommended this way (see website).



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    Quote Originally Posted by Audiophile Bill View Post
    Hi Guys,

    I think these clamps work best with non suspended designs. Indeed, the Dalby is only recommended this way (see website).


    Do you know why they are recommended for non suspended designs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterA View Post
    Do you know why they are recommended for non suspended designs?
    Well they are 200/350 Gms weight--bearing wear? with the more movement probably with the more sensitive suspension/footfalls/environment/etc could cause long term problems?

    I've "heard" the Dalby and agree with SammyT it is the "best"--if that can be called a logical decision in the context of this discussion


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    With the really massive weight of some platters, I doubt 200-350 grams for a center weight will affect bearing life.

    I have preferred circumferential rings to the center spindle weights.
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    Many moons ago I used this one; I paid $30 for it, it is $50 today, and it weighs 1.3 lbs / 600g (imported from Japan):
    [I still have it, along with three TTs, bunch of LPs and 45s, few carts, bunch of tools of the trade...since the 60s and till about the mid 00s...say forty years.]

    I am no expert on LP Disc Record Stabilizer Clamp Weight, and I couldn't tell if it was sounding different with and without it, but it seems to help for warped records. Anyway, I was using it for many many years and roughly 95% of the time. And $30 was 100 times less that $3,000

    Like I said, I'm no expert and my TT @ the time was a very very modest one, less than $600

    Say I buy a new TT tomorrow morning, for Christmas, and for roughly between $5,000 and $20,000, then I would seriously investigate on some of the "best" record clamps out there, and I would even probably make my own from some of my favorite wood and marble material. ...Plus some metals with beneficial properties...anti magnetism, etc.
    I like making stuff like that (I went to Art school and I excelled @ precision/geometric/3-dimensional designs, one of the tops in my class).

    It's fun to be in our comfort zone, to feel good, to believe in good, to be good and to live in goodness with other good people around.
    The sounds we hear are different for each person, and the sound analysis we perform; testing, hearing, listening, measuring, ...are all part of having fun in discovering.
    It is when we have no limits, no prejudices, no pricing ceiling, no nothing but only free open mind and ears to the world that we can expand our musical horizons.

    It's easy to not abide by those rules and get trapped along the way; I prefer to be open to the great challenges we face almost everyday.

    I checked and read Mike's link above;
    It's interesting...thx for reading.

    P.S. Someday I might take some pictures of the record mats I made myself...various material and thickness...including cork.
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