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Thread: Aesthetix IO

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    I think Tang was trying to clarify that by "it" you meant the Dalby (which is what I think you did)
    Audition recordings: Zero Distortion Link; Reference Components: Zero Distortion Link; Own: Lampi GG One-day-to-get: Apogee Scintilla, or a horn (with Tenor 75 OTL ), Preamp to be fit in to suit the gain and drive the power amp. Analog: TBD

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    Hey Vernon, are you talking new reissue tubes or vintage NOS. Mullard cv4004 vintage short plate are expensive. Tungsol 6SN7 GTB in tall glass or short glass. Mullard EL-34 is the Xf2 not ef2a.

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    NOS tubes.
    Upscale Audio NOS cyro Mullard CV4004 premium matched pair in 2017 $400/pair. They only list singles now at $188 ea. Getting harder to find.
    GTB tall glass.
    On EL34, typo on my part (sorry). XF2-a has 2 getter rings at the top, while XF2-b has only 1 getter ring.

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    I wanted to expand something I said. The modified Jolida Envoy matched the stock tubed IO Sign dual power ONLY when the Jolida had the BMI Oceanic PCs and the IO had the cheap Chinese silver PCs. BMI Oceanic on the IO took it up to a whole different level (very good, but at $2k ea used = $4k try the GE 7025s in the power boxes first).

    This hobby takes us on a funny/expense educational path:
    base Envoy preamp $1k, tubes $500, mod +$2k, used BMI Oceanic PC $2k = $5,500
    used IO Signature with fresh stock tubes + $100 PCs = $5,100 (what I paid in 2015)
    I would never have paid $5k for a phono when I started down this analog path, but here I am LOL, and looks like I am going further.

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