I really miss my Ensemble Elysia..it was a mini monitor with passive radiator at the back. The woofer was covered with some kind of shiny metal sheet like aluminum. Very sweet and musical. It did go down to 35Hz though. The dedicated stand is so heavy with a metal plate at the bottom. While the look, it's stunning and futuristic by that time.

The stupid aircond technician knock it off and damaged it. I was about to strangle that guy.

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Please post some of your preferred collectible speakers or speakers you think will become collectibles, explaining the reasons why you think they are or will be considered well sought after collectibles.

IMHO to be considered a collectible something must be of interest to a reasonable number of people, that will fight to get it when it shows in the market!

I will suggest the JBL Everest DD55000 that sometimes shows in my dreams - vintage 100 db/W, SET compatible, with the magic of Greg Timbers!