I moved to Hong Kong, and brought my home theatre system with me. The system is a Denon AVR X3000 surround sound amp, and Kef speakers for all but the two floor standing main speakers. Those were a pair of Polk Audio RT16s from my prior music system, that are probably as old as many of this forum's contributors, I expect!! The system survived the move, except the movers destroyed the Polk Audio speakers (which people old enough to know them seem to revere).

Anyway, I have to replace them. I hired an a/v guy to help, since i'm new to hk and he says to go with a pair of "Revel F12" as the main speakers replacing the Polks, and that I should also replace the center speaker to match them with a Revel C12.

I haven't heard about the Revels, but I read online that (1) they are well regarded, but (2) have been around for 10 years. He will charge me US$1200 for the F12s and US$600 for the C12. I asked him why he recommending such dated speakers, and his reply was "still the best choice when you consider price and performance".

Do I go with his recommendation? Keep in mind things are probably a bit more pricey here - I'm less focused on the absolute number than having a good system. I am the definition of a novice, so would love to hear your views. I guess buying really top speakers would be a waste of money with the Denon amp?