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Thread: Allnic audio l5000 dht

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    Allnic audio l5000 dht

    A direct heated triode Class A line stage @$23k. Does anyone have any experience with it.
    There is a DHT 5000 Series. Phono stage $33k. Ten watt 300B monoblock amp. $20kName:  AllnicL-5000-DHT-silver-front.jpg
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    I do admit that I find this preamp very intriguing. However, the scarcity of information about Allnic in general (not including phono stages) is rather surprising.
    It seems like many folks love Allnic phono stages, but no one has ever heard any of their line stages or amplifiers.

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    For those who read Audiogon...Albert Porter is very knowledgeable regarding Allnic I believe. And he is truly a prolific contributor there (and i imagine elsewhere)...and he also replies direct emails as well.
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    I am a fan of their phono when recti rolled.
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    Christian has the phono. And Airbearing just bought one too. I think Allnic5000, Lamm LP1, EMT JPA66, Ayon Spheris, Robert Koda, Zanden, Tenor, Thrax are all excellent tube phono. It is just that one may get to hear on and not the rest.


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    Reach out to Albert Porter - his contract info in the link below. I've heard the complete system at his house. It's quite good and well made. The phono stages have a excellent reputation. I have 2 friends in Austin with the phono...
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