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Thread: Dirac enabled Theta Casablanca IV review

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    Dirac enabled Theta Casablanca IV review

    A detailed review of the 12 channels Theta Casablanca IV Surround Sound Processor has been just published here:

    Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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    I have not heard this iteration of the CB but I have heard other SSP's (notably the Datasat) and what Dirac can do is incredible. I have used Dirac a long time for two channel from my server but have the Datasat RS20i on the way. I had one in my room for 4 months and it was easily the he best sound I have ever had in my room - and 95+% of that improvement was from Dirac. Soooooooo much better than Audyssey and more flexible withe more options. For those who listen to multi-channel music, concert videos, movies or expanded 2 channel, I can't say enough about how great Dirac is.

    AND, if you happen to be of the OCD variety, you can diddle and tweak into eternity and still not try all of the combinations and permutations.

    Two differences jump at me from reading this review comparing the CB to the RS20i: The RS20i can store 6 different filter sets for instant comparison and the user interface (such as it is) it a bit easier to navigate. But I have zero doubt that either of these 2 products will take you many steps closer to audio nirvana (whatever and wherever that is).

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    I had a favorable experience also listening to the Theta implementation of Dirac a couple of years ago.

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    If you can forgo a lot of features and don't need post processing and channel expansion, you can of course get equivalent or better sound for a fraction of the price by getting a good Multi Media server ($3K tops), install DIrac live, and use an exasound MCH DAC....

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