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Thread: CES 2016: Aries Cerat and Believe High Fidelity

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    CES 2016: Aries Cerat and Believe High Fidelity

    As I mentioned in other threads, the sound from Aries Cerat was one of the most impressive demos I have heard. High efficiency speakers that could play so loud that you got scared first, before it did! And on the content they played, the resolution and warmth was amazing. I have a mixed feeling on the industrial design. Love the medium and small horn, but not as much the big box horn.

    Very large suite, suitable for the amount of SPLs it was putting out:

    Note that the main box is another horn. It is not the driver that is producing sound:

    All source material was 16/44.1 playing through their DAC:

    Family picture. Joshua on the left and Stavros (chief principal/designer) on the right:

    Please forgive the exaggerated perspective. It is a wide angle. Joshua and Stavros are not so big in the waist .

    As always, I am a playlist thief:

    Next chance to hear this system will be in Munich. If you are in europe, I highly recommend you go and take a listen.

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    Thanks for the coverage and bloated fat picture

    Turns out we will be focusing on the US market rather than Munich so our next venture will be Newport in June with more "ättainable" goods. We had such a great response that we feel the investment is better for the US than Munich.

    For those that were not able to attend I did recordings of the top tracks played at the show on your Youtube channel here to get a glimpse of the awesomeness of this system.

    Believe High Fidelity Ltd is the North American Distributor for:

    Aries Cerat Ltd
    Torqueo Audio
    Vermouth Audio Cables
    Etsuro Urushi Cartridges
    Primary Control
    Echo Diastasis
    Top Wing

    Kassandra LE DAC wins Best DAC of 2016/2017 with reviewer purchase @ Mono & Stereo! Article here

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    Very cool, interesting use of a BLH... nice to see some outside the box thinking.
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    I seriously rated those Aries Cerat monoblocks driving Tune Audio Anima's at Munich 2011. Great amps.

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