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Thread: Cat jl5

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4music View Post
    Anybody have the CAT email? I am trying to communicate with Ken and the email does not respond ie emails are returned as undeliverable.
    That email is correct. In fact I received an email from that address yesterday.
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    Great to hear. I will try to use a different mail server. Thanks

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    59 This has worked for me in the past. Might be case sensitive?

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    Any impressions on the new amorphous core amps versus the older designs ?

    what i didnt know was that the JL 5 can run in full triode mode , couldnt find anything about it on the CAT website
    from the web somewhere :
    The amplifier can be run in a Push Pull Triode configuration for
    100 watts per channel, or fully Pure Class A at 50 watts per channel, pure class A triode.

    or on the noise level of transformer hum versus the JL 2 .

    By the way still a very happy CAT owner , and i dont have the impression i m missing anything currently
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