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Has anyone yet purchased this cartridge?
I'm still trying to hear any sort of qualifying reviews. Julie over at TAS still hasn't reviewed it although she said that she would months ago.
This cartridge seems to big such a big mystery, why?
I'm looking for something that sounds close to the Lyra Delos but with more of what the Delos offers.
Nobody seems to have listened to this yet! The street price is actually very good, however, there is some concern that the SQ is actually sub-par. Not for the price, but against several other top flite cartridges. I would be interested to hear how it compares to the Delos, but I have a suspicious feeling that it would not be quite in that league. Unless one hears the cartridge..very difficult as it appears, all else is simply conjecture. Too bad, as I do like the top line AirTight cartridges that i have heard.

BTW, IMHO relying on Julie Mullins review is not a great idea at all....PM me for my thoughts on this if you like.