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Thread: The American Sound Turntable- Beyond's Minimalist!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddk View Post
    Good old days Bruce. Shame they killed the 30xx arms, the replacement M arms aren't anywhere as good.
    You can get an excellent condition used SME 3012 in Europe typically for around euro 1000. A few years ago they would sell for one third of this value.
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    That is what I was afraid of...............
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    Quote Originally Posted by jam View Post
    Yes....the American Sound. Thinking about still keeps me awake at night!

    I should make a t-shirt out of this this !
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    A lot nicer lookin than the as
    Quote Originally Posted by ckkeung View Post
    thanks david for the great info & photos!

    I notice that the air force three looks a bit like the as turntable, although the latter is made of stainless steel, bigger/thicker and heavier.

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