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Thread: Understanding Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc and TV Technology

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    Good stuff Amirm!!! I probably wont be all in with 4k (due to my bad eyes), but this is very good information indeed!

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    Thanks for the kind words. Good thing here is that most of us should see the benefits of wider gamut and dynamic range.

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    If Anyone Can Help With A Delima...... I Have A Samsung Curve 65in 4k UHD, Samsung 4k UHD Blu-Ray And Yamaha YHT-4930 Surround Sound. The Issue Is I Plug HDMI Into Receiver From Blu-ray Player And I Do Get Audio, But No Picture. Everything Is 4k Supportive And All Is Enabled. I Spent Hours Trying And Got No Sleep.

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    Hi Craig,

    Welcome to World Best Fusion (WBF).

    1. HDMI 1* Output from your 4K player > directly to your TV.

    2. HDMI 2 Output from your 4K player > to your receiver.

    It's going to be a great sunny day.

    * If your Samsung 4K player is the model 7500, get two HDMI premium certified cables, the way you are connected right now; it could be the reason why you don't see the picture because the ones you are using might not have enough bandwidth for the 4K video signal. For audio no problem, but for UHD video some HDMI cables just won't do.
    If you have the model 8500, you can do both ways, but the method of using both HDMI outputs is less problematic generally.

    Also, turn the CEC off from both your player and display.
    It's the feature that turn both your TV and player together in sync using only one power button. It doesn't always work correctly. In your Yamaha receiver turn it off too, and use the pass-through video selection for the HDMI output.
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