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Thread: Dark Field SS vs Dark Field DFE v2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vhiner View Post
    To be honest, when I installed my DF elevators several years ago, the result was pretty much on par with most tweaks: not bad, but I'd probably not be too disturbed if they were removed in the middle of the night. ;-) The DF-SS v2 was another matter. My healthy skepticism was in full force when I installed by first set on speaker cables alone, so the resulting improvement in detail, blacker background and more natural transients were stunning. As I added the DF-SS v2s to my power cords and then a few more to the speaker cables, I got the proverbial "what'd you do" from my music-loving wife. I was a skeptic on this aspect of vibration control, but the DF-SS v2 is the real deal and now you'd have to pry them from my cold hard-wood floors. Best tweak in years.
    Completely agree. I have had the 1st gen Shunyata DFS for over 6 years primarily for the speaker cables. Earlier today I inserted the new DFS on the right channel speaker cable doing a A/B comparison between the L/R channels using the balance feature on the remote of the CJ GAT. The difference is not subtle it's pretty dramatic. Higher gain, clarity and definition. This is a no brainer. Next stop a few DFSS v2s under the power cables. Highly recommended
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    Are there any other users? More comments?
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    Wondering if putting rubber bands across the gap of the DFS would do anything like the band on the new models?

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