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Thread: Shunyata Sigma Digital Power Cord Review

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    Looks like there is experience here with the Sigmas and Alphas, so if I were to go for one and/or the other (piece by piece), which should I choose for the following system:

    - PS Audio Powerbase
    - PS Audio P5 Regenerator
    - PS Audio Directstream dac
    - Oppo 203 (with Vanity HD card soon)
    - ATC SCM 19A speakers (powered towers)
    (- IC to speakers is MG Audio Design AG2V2
    - Oppo to DSD via Snake River s/pdif)

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    Received two new Sigma NR, for my Denali 6000 T and my AR Ref 5 SE. Again, congratulations Caelin.
    I make a suggestion and a question.
    The suggestion is the possibility of manufacturing a model 6000 in which the six outputs were CCI. In my case, four are not enough and I would not mind connecting my amplifier to a 2000T.
    The question is about the possibility of commercialization of the DC Offset filter prototype, is there any news on that?
    Lumin A1 + Kenneth Lau LPSU /Melco N1ZH60-2 / Audio Research Ref 5 SE /Constellation Inspiration 1.0 Stereo / Rockport Atria I / MIT Magnum MA Speakers / Göbel XLR Cables/Göbel and AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet Cables / Shunyata Denali 6000 T / Shunyata Alfa and Sigma Power Cables /Kenneth Lau LPSU for Aqvox Switch and Router / Stillpoints Ultra SS and Mini/ Entreq Poseidon, Olympus Minimus and Silver Tellus / Entreq Olympus and Apollo Infinity Cables

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