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Thread: What is the best acoustic material to place on the floor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Resnick View Post
    Won't those layers result in a height of over an inch? What specifically is Bonnie trying to accomplish with those products together?

    Sound not escaping your listening room? Wideband frequency absorption? What else?

    Which product serves which objective?
    Vibramat is 7/16", carpet is 3/8", so under an inch. The Lumitex thickness is not really material at .35mm.

    Full write-up of the acoustic solution will be provided after completion—I spoke with Bonnie a couple days ago with some of the same questions you asked. The floor in my space would be like Steve's room (though I know his floor is structurally more robust) as mine is joists over crawlspace. Rather than mischaracterize the floor treatment, I'll wait for Bonnie's write-up. Her crew will be here to install wall treatments week of Jan 9th, carpet install the following week. I am close to being able to put my room back together.

    I'll copy these last couple posts to my room thread so as not to further hijack this one.
    —Bob Vineyard, aka bobvin

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    G'day maties,

    Bonzo over here, introduced me to Auralex- acoustic treatment solutions- superb products! They are remarkable and cost far less than anything I have come across. Not too sure whether they would do large coverings for acoustic treatment but with a few Auralex pads under each component, including speakers and all gear where it is critical, will do a fine job just well enough without having to go through extensive floor mods and carpet work, in my opinion.

    Just my 50cts, and I plan to get Auralex for all components now including the fish tank! After all, the fishies must swim with no good vibrations coming from the active bass in the Ethos... The Auralex is a remarkable product! I would contact them for special custom orders just to see if they would oblige or at least advise otherwise...
    Cheers, RJ

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    Big fan of Auralex, which we use under the Subwoofer...their big Gramma.

    Meanwhile, here is what we used under our floorboards. Not an acoustician thing, but apparently more standard for general floorboard construction. Still seemed to have noise insulation properties. It is 5mm thick. Vibramat comes in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm and 10mm thickness...this is for installation under floating timber floorboards (which is what we've got).

    "Natura Sonic Gold acoustic underlay offers exceptional performance for comfort, support, and acoustic reduction, over 24db. This product also offers excellent thermal insulation properties making it ideal for underfloor heating systems.

    Made with non-toxic and non-dusting materials this underlay will effectively even out minor floor imperfections.

    A gold foil vapour barrier with a 200mm over lap acts as an excellent DPM (damp proof membrane) to protect your floor for moisture attached to a 65kg/m3 high density foam core with high compressive and recovery strength.

    Product Summary:
    Approx. Density (kg/m3) 65
    Approx. PE Foam Roll Weight (g/m2) 353.16g
    Thermal Conductivity ( W/mK) 0.048
    Sound Reduction (dB) >24dB"
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    Absorption is the most common recommendation. The primary reason for this is it's usually the closest first reflection. Sidewalls are usually further away.

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    Sheepskins and carpets , the shirdaks are made from sheepswoolvelt , absorbs beautifull in a natural way
    For absorbing bass freq im gonna buy some bass traps probably

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