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Thread: H3000 - unimpressed so far - what am I missing?

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    Welcome aboard Kev!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slumpmuffin View Post
    This is very interesting thread. Different rooms? Different hemispheres? One man's roller coaster is another man's Sunday drive? I only goes to underline how fiercely, and perhaps frustratingly subjective this "sport" is. We're all chasing different ghosts.

    A couple years ago I ran a Leben CS600 & RS30EQ alongside my Allnic T1500 & H3000. The Lebens were clean and refined and very easy on the eyes. The Allnic combo had an edge in realism, vocals were coming out of faces, I could almost see what gauge strings Bert Jansch was plucking etc. The dimensions of my room would change with platter sides and I consistently got that eerie feeling that life, rather than reproduction, was happening in front of me. I decided that I couldn't live with out that edge. The Lebens live at a friend's place now so I get to visit both of them, which is always great. I also love coming home.

    Anyway, my amps should be warm by now and I think I hear them ghosts calling.
    Nice post. And welcome!
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    Thought I would drop back in here and apologise for the virulence in my posts - I was obvious stressed and upset. Suffice to say I have sold the H3000 to someone in Melbourne who, after replacing the rectifier tube, is very happy with it. It suits his ears very well.

    Not sure I would agree that either the CS 600 or RS30EQ are "clean" and "refined" - the CS 600 is a sweet amp that sounds lovely, but is coloured. The RS 30 EQ struggles for gain and is a tad ripe - certainly layers it on thick, at least to these old ears.

    In any event, I really just posted here to say - happy listening and sorry for the ferocity & velocity that came from my keyboard.

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    Having read through this thread several times now without adding any of my thoughts on the Allnic, and having been using one for a short while, I can not understand the OP's experience to be typical with this unit. To qualify, I have been using vinyl since the early 80's, and have used several high end phono amplifiers, either belonging to me here, or borrowed, including the likes of ASR, PASS, Clear audio, Concert Fidelity, Naim, Tri-chord, Audio Note (japan), Audio Note (UK).

    Some of you will know that I deal with Concert Fidelity for the UK. My view is the Allnic beats the SPA-4c in terms of transparency, balance, timbre and certainly holographic imaging. The SPA-4c is a very good amplifier if it suits your cartridge's requirements, is MC only, and is all solid state, no tubes, uses very very rare Jfets which are in limited supply hence the small numbers of these units available. CF do not release a product without absolute completion of all attributes to their high standard, this they are famous for. But, the Allnic H3000, while being a totally different approach, acheives a very beautiful, detailed and enthralling sonic image, right there in front of you. Timbre is superb, flow is beautiful, there are no doubt's lingering.
    As I have said, I do not understand the negative experience here, so to add balance to Lotus's input, (who I do not know btw, even though we are geographically very close) I agree with his input, I do not and have no intention of selling Allnic Audio equipment, but my thoughts are clear.

    Anyone considering this unit should try to hear one and do not be put off by the one negative thread.

    Best Regards,
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