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Thread: Anyone using Stenheim with Nagra?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsquare View Post
    Hi guys,
    Man, I thought Stenheim was the best kept secret in audio (not anymore looks like...
    I have the Alumine full 3rd way set with a Nagra Jazz, CH Precision A1 amp and C1 dac
    streaming. Nothing can touch this - got rid of a complete FM Acoustics/Wilson system for
    Hi redsquare

    How would you describe the addition of the third way for your pair of Alumine speakers?
    Also, I have been reading about damping and drivers that aren't connected to the signal chain... and wonder how the bookshelf behaves sitting on top of the third way (not wired in) as opposed to simply sitting on their stands.
    Have you ever compared the two setups? I know it sounds mad but some bookshelf speakers designed in the 80s included a driver that was just acting for damping and I wonder why nobody uses that nowadays...

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsquare View Post
    Hi everybody.
    So since we last spoke I traded in my mk 1 and upgraded to the Alumine mk2 with 3rd way -
    and I am certain these are superior - and yes, much better looking, if not the best
    looking speaker on the market. I listened extensively to all current Magico speakers and
    just don't get it. They are so uninspiring musically. It's about the way it's voiced that
    I have issue with. God bless if it appeals to someone else just not me. The Stenheim has
    more humanity and depth in the mids - just as fast as the Magico but with a more European
    balance. Linear, fast but very musical. Reminds me of my old Goldmund Dialogue and Quad
    57's in the mids. The 93db sensitivity is really high and tube amps like the Nagra are
    ideal but I'm sticking with the CH Precision A1. The founders of Stenheim were with
    Goldmund and Nagra prior to forming Stenheim and also have a connection with CH so all
    these Swiss products have a synergy. Jussie seems to like the Nagra 300b with his set. I
    tried a Dartzeel and Soulution with them (my mk1)and did not like (too dry and distant
    The Stenheim room at CES got great reviews and it was surprising (and telling) that the
    dealer who ran the room is also a Wilson dealer - but chose to show Stenheim....
    I bought a brace of Nagra classic amps, sold the Jazz, bought the HD DAC. Sold the NAgras and am awaiting 2 x Solution 511s Might possibly move up to the Alumine 5 or even Ultimes

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