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Thread: What's the best headphone amp you have heard?

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    Best headphone amp I've heard.... and I've heard a lot of headphone amps..... DNA Stellaris. Donald North Audio. This amp creates an amazing sense of space and layering which I haven't heard reproduced elsewhere, probably because it's not something headphones do terribly well relative to speakers. It also creates a very rare tactile palpability that only a couple other headamps I've heard can match. In other words, not only does it create a 3D macro image, but the individual components have a very palpable 3D quality as well. As opposed to 3D soundstage with flat images. I heard Masterbuilt Ultra cables do this in an uncanny way with my 2 channel rig, by the way. Run of the mill vintage RCA 2A3 tubes will do a fantastic job with the DNA Stellaris as well. No need for anything more exotic. My current runner up might be the Woo WA33. It has many of the same qualities as the DNA Stellaris, but to a slightly lesser degree. And incidentally, the "base" WA33 is superior to the "upgraded" version IMO as well. Most Woo products are too warmed over for my liking, but not the base WA33.

    Personally, I'm using a First Watt F7 with a pair of modified Sennheiser HD800 cans. It's a good-enough combo for me on the rare occasions I use headphones.

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    Not into head phones but I try them at show. The viva head amp and dacs were fantastic.
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    Currently running a Microzotl as a headphone preamp driving a Violectric as headphone amp for the Audezes. Also just love the Microzotl purely on its own as a headphone amp. It’s a pretty marvellous lil music making device.
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    Stax 009's (now there is an 'S') electrostats with Head Amp Blue Hawaii Special Edition amplifier, which i owned for a short time in 2012, is my all time favorite headphone---headphone amplifier combo.....of what I've heard. and I did have it in my system for 3 months.
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    I have not heard or seen it. I am pretty sure it is a real world product.
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