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    100 Recommended AAA vinyl...and why this industry is stagnant

    I own most of those (as do most of us) and about the only time they get played is when someone from the local "audio group" comes over..... otherwise..... not so much. I tell the guys to go to the local music emporium.... be that a "music store" or a "Musical Instrument" store and find the...
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    Am I alone in leaving my Pass Labs Amp on 24/7/365 (Except During Storms)?

    As we look all the way back to the very first Pass Labs / Aleph-amps of early '91 we don't see any particular difference in reliability or mortality between those that have been in industrial service running 24/7 and those at home that are turned on and off on a regular basis. Kent English...
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    EMI - And we think we have problems

    No surprise there. When I first started putting VFD's on motor drives (back in the "dark-ages").... the industry had a sudden spate of ball bearings dying prematurely. Turns out there was induced circulating currents in the bearings from the switchmode power supplies. Before the bearing...
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    Lift Table Restoration with Epoxy Primer and Acrylic Enamel Paint

    And a vintage Wilson Rockwell tester in the backgrond
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    The Blues Music thread | Strictly Blues ♫

    An old LP rediscovered......... again!
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    Pass Labs DAC

    The Pass Labs D1 was difficult to build as a result of ever changing parts availability; and it went against one of Nelson's basic tenants that the factory would have no un-supported orphan product for the foreseeable future. Cyclotronguy
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    Technics 1200mk2

    Fbraith I've had KAB Acoustics rewire the arm on an SL-1200, with their best wire...... I presume it is better. Having said that the arm rewire came along with their outboard PS and strobe disable function, and their bedding tweak for the bearing This does make for a better package, but...
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    Pass labs xa 160

    Try "" I'm sure the factory will try and address any questions you may have. They can get very specific if you happen to have the serial numbers of the amps
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    Technics 1200mk2

    Honestly I'd start with some contact cleaner like Caig and call the lads at KAB Electro-Acoustics for some factory oil for your SL-1200's platter bearing and go from there. Kevin has a long history of worthwhile upgrades on the SL-1200, and seeing as yours is already paid for, a few tweaks to...
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    Basis Audio is Alive and Well! -- Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    For those of us who knew and loved AJ..... it's really great to see his work persisting. Kent
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    Bret D'agostino passed

    Bruce Indeed, we are all on borrowed time.... enriched by the presence and diminished by the passing Kent
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    Dialling in active crossovers

    Ron The hardware is bigger than the operator and fully capable of retaliation.... no whacking. Case in point... the navy lads built us a nice resonator tank... the designer apparently knew how to build submarines. So we get this cylindrical pressure vessel thing 20 feet long, 8 feet in...
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    Dialling in active crossovers

    Naw, just like being an audiophile. RULE OF THE FIRST Keep "off' button in reach and one eye on the meter. And from there: Push buttons, turn dials till you get what you want. Stock pile lots of wire and solder and sometimes put your faith in things nobody understands. Cyclotronguy
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    Dialling in active crossovers

    I can only speak to the Pass Labs XVR-1 product. Generally the Pass Labs factory spends time with the end-user and tries to send the unit out of the factory with the "best-guess" starting point documented and established. For units that are out in the field, the same sort of process. However...
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    What is the wire guage of your speaker cables?

    HiFi Stan Repeat after me: Marriage is Grand! Divorce is 100 Grand!
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    clean connections

    I concur. back in the day it was routine, edge cards came out, went in the dishwasher on DI and filtered water with Alconex. Dried in partial vacuum, then re-greased. Space qualified hardware. Cyclotronguy
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    Anyone familiar with Short Wave radio?

    Collins R390 parametric ain't just any receiver, it's a cold war wonder! Cyclotronguy
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    What Is It That You Are A Collector Of

    Does this count as collecting? I have a box full of un-used airline "baggage stamps", going back to the Wright Bros Mail Service and ending with the "Connie". I give it a good looking over, once every 20 years or so. Cyclotronguy PS If tools and tooling count, then I may have issues
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    Cable Management

    It's amazing what a walk through the McMaster Carr on-line catalog will turn up. Spiral wrap, raceway, slotted wire duct with PSA backing. Too much stuff that you need and never knew you needed. Easily, many nights of interactive mischeif. Cyclotronguy
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    Cable Management

    Maybe a little hard to get a visual on. My equipment is mostly spread out left to right. There is a HD steel chassis power strip (ie raceway) running behind the rack on the floor and right against the wall, hardwired into the mains. Power cords go straight back for about 6" (300mm) and...
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    Cas 2015

    Did anyone here attened CAS 2015? For those not in the know, It's a small regional show where everone shows up to meet and greet all their friends, grab lunch or dinner together and listen to some music. Always something fun to see and hear... case in point Zu Audio, they always have a stack...
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    Basis Audio cables

    Ron Not for a number of years, and serveral generations back, sorry! Now having said that, given what I know of the process he has gone through, crunching the numbers and listening.... the new cables will be better than his legacy cables. For what it's worth AJ Conti is obsessive-compulsive...
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    Tip For Buying Used LPs

    WWW.MCMASTER.COM Machine reamers are stocked in 0.0005" steps..... or 0.0001" on special order. Special order takes an extra day or two. Order up a spiral reamer that's on-size for your spindle. It will set you back about $25. Cyclotronguy
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    Jumper pin on Balanced input

    The X150.5 is a fully balanced amp, with two identical gain paths. One for the standard input (+) One for the inverted input (-) The jumper references the inverted input to signal ground when applied between pins 1(ground) and pin 3 (inverted input) on the XLR. When running single ended...
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    Dan D'Agostino Helius dual monoblock NEW

    Mike I got out of audio for a few years to pursue "conservation of wretchedness" aka various British automobiles. The most insane was the afore mentioned AH 100-6 with a few modest changes. XKE rear end fed from a 327 Chevy via a Borg Warner T-10. Even skinned over with no doors still way...
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    New Kronos Turntable - The Sparta 0.5

    Interesting, attractive and with arm too? Cyclotronguy
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    Post your Horn pics

    About once a year Wardsweb does this, just to torture me with his wood finishing skills, which are considerable. Cyclotronguy
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    Do speakers sound how they look?

    I've sat in the JBL Northridge lab, and experieced the double blind listening test... and observed others reaction in the "hot seat" There are a number of speakers on a shuttle behind a screen. You sit in the dark and nobody knows what speaker (single speaker not stereo pair) is up as the...
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    Has anyone experienced a system blow up?

    Having ushered a couple of products through the UL / CE / CSA testing process I can attest that part of the testing protocol is some very creative fault scenarios. For he sake of the testing, a fire that does not promptly and politely self extinguish inside the device would be fatal flaw and...
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    Magico Ultimate 3

    Thank goodness we have a few Alon Wolf's who will take on a project of this scope, one suspects just because it amuses. If you've casually followed Alon, since long before there was a Magico, you will get a sense that while the U3's are clearly a money project....... It's not ALL about the...

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