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  1. jfrech

    Availability of Jan Allaerts in the US

    My Allaerts MC2 Formula 1 arrived last week. I have about 30 hours on it. Jan says to give it 100 hours, readjust, and then enjoy for the next 10,000 hours. What I can say now is this cartridge is different than the MC2 Finish. Just more of everything. It has a such a unique way of slowing...
  2. jfrech

    Nagra HD Amps

    I did the same. Ecc83's Mullards in the HD, I thought it was a big improvement also. I had stock mullard ecc82s from the factory...but about 5 years of usage on them. I got mine from Brent Jesse also...
  3. jfrech

    Rockport Lyra

    Exactly. 4 big burley guys and 1 to tell them what to do. It was a chore, those guys were huffing and puffing....
  4. jfrech

    Nagra HD Amps

    I have in my former VPS. The stock tubes are pretty darn good - they are heavily tested and specially selected. I went the Philips miniwats. I thought they were a little sweeter, more extended and more quiet with a bit better dynamics. It's worth a try, the VPS is nice for tube rolling due...
  5. jfrech

    dCS joined the Forum! A little bit of our history

    Welcome to WBF ! Have you ever thought about building a phono stage? Years ago sold an A-D converter. Not sure if your technologies can be applied in that area...
  6. jfrech

    Transparent Gen 5 Super vs Gen 6 Plus

    Hi WLP3, I've owned a few pairs of Wilsons in my life. I suspect these tune tots are great and punch way above their price point for the installations they are intended. Wilson, Audio Research and Transparent are a great combo! I am sure Karen will answer your specific questions, I just...
  7. jfrech

    6H30 tube life

    I have ~18 used 6H30's. Many are NOS. I used to own BAT amps and preamps and used a lot of these. If someone wants to pay me a buck or two I'll pack and mail the whole lot. I used to rotate tubes a lot, so I suspect these have 1500-2000 hours each or so on them. Lot's a life, just I found...
  8. jfrech

    Keith Monks discOveryOne Redux and discOvery micrOlight

    Hi, I can't comment on this exact model. But I do own a Monks Odyssey, the original type of machine. I bought it new about 10 years ago. It's built like a tank. It's fairly quiet, compared to a VPI machine for example. You can listen to music and clean notice it, but you can...
  9. jfrech

    Advanced Cabinet Materials Versus Wood

    Might as well discuss Rockport's DAMSTIF technology. Aside from the obvious jokes on the name regarding certain medications. It's a unique approach on cabinets. Video link below...
  10. jfrech

    Grand Prix Monaco Oil Question

    You have a fantastic table !
  11. jfrech

    Transparent Rel Cable

    This is true from my experience. Over as you complete the loom of cables it seems to have a synergy effect 1+1=3...
  12. jfrech

    Transparent Rel Cable

    Very cool news. This does not surprise me, bass is one of the things my Transparent cabling is great at. I suppose you're using Transparent speaker cabling as well...
  13. jfrech

    New SME Flagship Model 60

    Peter you know I was always impressed with your SME30. I am curious about the comments on this one when people start to listen and compare. I'm very happy with my Grand Prix Audio, like you are with your MS. Interesting it's 1/2 the price of the new Nagra.
  14. jfrech

    New SME Flagship Model 60

    It could have sonic advantages. We're all just guessing as to the reason...maybe SME should comment :-)
  15. jfrech

    New SME Flagship Model 60

    Interesting change for SME. I guess they are changing their business model, first was no longer selling arms alone, now more of these seemingly integrated packages at the low and high end of their line up.
  16. jfrech

    Phono cables - the most sensitive and critical cable in your system

    I did this a few years ago. And agree with your assessment, that they are important, almost to the point of being in the same category as cartridge, arm, table and phono stage. It's a key component. I tried Cardas (believe it was golden cross at the time), Purist Venestas, Transparent Ref...
  17. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    So the Apex is now gone. I left my dac powered up so got a full A-B Apex non Apex in my system, same everything. I stand by all my comments above. Listening to my non apex this am, it's a bit flat/fuzzy looking back. Micro-well said above regarding finding more info and the upgrade time :(
  18. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    Somewhat, but I haven't noticed that as top distinquishing feature. However it could be the filter selection I use vs others...or a function that the dac has only been on for ~20 hours. I'll listen more tonight ...
  19. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    dCS Apex Vivaldi listening thoughts: 1)Been in the system since yesterday 2)Listened at first turn on, then a few hours on, then this morning 3)This dac is my dealers, has been broken in ~3 weeks, just off in transit to my home 4)More clear 5)More focus 6)More organized, or better at unraveling...
  20. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    My dealer is bringing his Vivaldi Apex DAC by on Tuesday this week. I'll get to keep it for a few days so it can warm up etc. He's had it for at least two weeks so should be fully broken in. I'll post my impressions Apex is already on order, just waiting my turn...
  21. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    Thanks, but PS, I love your Nagra CD player !
  22. jfrech

    Shunyata omega Ethernet cable

    HughP3, I'd have to agree with John T. It's hard to imagine the last few feet, but you obviously can hear it. Same goes for power cords. I use Transparent Ethernet cables and had the same reaction as your brand. You may also try this little gizmo...
  23. jfrech

    Shunyata omega Ethernet cable

    What were you using before? a computer grade, off the shelf type? This does not surprise me what you are reporting...
  24. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    Occasionally I have found resetting the network board or rebooting does something. This could be what you're experiencing. I just changed tubes in my preamp last week, so I can't tell if the tubes are breaking in or what you're describing. I am very happy and this is before my Apex upgrade!
  25. jfrech

    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    Steve, I guess I've missed something, what's XDMS?
  26. jfrech

    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    I echo your thoughts, although I haven't been as precise on tracking the versions. I also have the ability to use dCS's Mosaic software, and it clearly is more interesting, involving and less boring than Roon. I do find in general I prefer spinning discs to file downloads. I am not sure the...
  27. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    I was a 90% vinyl guy before my original dCS Vivaldi. After the original Vivaldi I'd say 50/50, through the years and upgrades, I'm at least 80% digital listening. I still love vinyl, but more for the software I have than the love of the format. Micro, thanks for posting, these is similar to...
  28. jfrech

    Breaking news from DCS….

    I don't remember exactly but just under 10k my dealer said with shipping. I should know exactly soon since I have to pay him :-)
  29. jfrech

    Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio has Passed Away...

    I met Lloyd once at Albert Porters house. A wealth of knowledge and certainly had built one of the worlds top tables...

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