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    New to music servers - Melco N1zs vs the rest…

    Dears, I’m in need of some guidance. I have purchased a new DAC - Vitus Masterpiece which I hope to take delivery this summer. But I’m unsure how to feed it - I was thinking of buying a transport - DCS/Esoteric level and to just listen to CDs of which I have some 000’s and am generally happy -...
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    Best SPDIF cable recommendations

    Dears, I’m going to add a external DAC a to my Vitus SCD and to use it as a transport for a while. But to connect the two I need to use SPDIF - rca. As I don’t have such a cable, and no experience with digital cable, I was looking for some advice? you’ll see from my signature that I’ve got...
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    New amplifier for Tidal Piano G2

    Hello, I’m looking for some advise about a new amplifier - integrated of pre-power to drive my Tidal Piano G2. i currently have a Vitus SIA-25, which has a touch of warmth and presence and the Piano’s have brought added resolution, detail particularly in the high frequencies. whilst I’m happy...
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    AVID ACUTUS SP TO SP REFERENCE or new Arm or what?

    Hello, I have an Avid Acutus SP with a SME IV and Koetsu Urushi vermillion. Overall I’m very happy with the sound, but is can be a little “thick and slow” in the bass and as I’ve been listening a lot in our Covid lock-down, I came to thinking about how to improve things? - The SME IV is a weak...

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