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  1. jfrech

    Spiral Grove Centroid vs Kuzma 4-Point (on GPA Monaco 2.0)

    My dealer and I are doing an arm comparison. We both have Grand Prix Monaco 2.0 tables. And have both been using a Spiral Grove Centroid arm for years. We also both have the Goldfinger Statement. Please stayed tuned for my thoughts. Welcome any comments on the 4-point. I know it's been a...
  2. jfrech

    Rockport Lyra

    I've traded my Rockport Altairs into my dealer and ordered Lyra's. They should ship in about 12 weeks (end of March/early April). I'll post my impressions on the differences on these two great speakers soon. My dealer has the Lyra's on display so I've heard them plenty of times. Very...
  3. jfrech

    New Nagra Classic Phono Stage announced

    I've already ordered mine. I've loved my Nagra VPS for over 10 years. I've demo'd several other phono stages over the years but none could displace the Nagra. Some did things better in some areas...the Nagra VPS always seemed to chug along beautifully. See here for announcement info...
  4. jfrech

    Nagra HD phono prototype

    The latest Nagra newsletter has info on a new Nagra phono stage. To be demo'd in Munich and released late 2020. 3 inputs. Can also function as a tape head preamp. Scroll down a bit on the newsletter link below: Nagra December 2019 Newsletter
  5. jfrech

    Nagra HD Pre Amp arrived today

    Matches my Nagra HD amps. My dealer ran it in for 2-3 days while I was traveling on business. It's replacing a Robert Koda K-10, which is one of the worlds best pre amps. I've only listened casually for 2-3 hours. I'll post more as it gets some time of the clock...
  6. jfrech

    Nagra HD amp...demoing this weekend

    Smokes. My dealer called, he was going out of town on vacation and wanted to know if I wanted the Nagra HD amps for a few days. They've been plugged in for 2 hours. Sitting on books vs proper isolation. Still cold to the touch from being shipping from Vegas in sub zero weather. It's about...
  7. jfrech

    Anyone try the Cardas 4181 outlets?

    Just curious, Music Direct has em on sale now for $129...
  8. jfrech

    Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement v2

    In April this year I purchased a Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement v2 (GFS from here on out). It was a struggle at first. I loved my Lyra Atlas, had a few friends that owned them also so got to hear in a variety of systems. And the Atlas was my 5th ! Lyra over the years, Lydian Beta...
  9. jfrech

    Transparent Opus Power Isolator - new offering

    I decided to order one. Ditto my dealer. I've thoroughly loved the Transparent Opus and Opus Source power cords I have in my system...
  10. jfrech

    FS: Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish phono cartridge

    Selling my beloved Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish. Serial # 40901194. This is really a special cartridge. Betters my Lyra Atlas in some ways. Beautiful textures, timbre, very even top to bottom, deep, tuneful bass and wonderful highs. One of the very best at imaging. Has a unique way at...
  11. jfrech

    Hi rez label - Sound Liaison - PCM vs DSD (or up sampling via dCS)

    I have one download from this label. Impromptu. It's OUTSTANDING. Direct to DSD or PCM. I have the DSD64 version. Everything else in their catalog seems to be recorded to PCM. Given I have a dCS Vivaldi Upsampler....this shouldn't be a issue. It's just the direct to DSD is so good...
  12. jfrech

    [SOLD] Ayre MX-R's. Single Owner. Absolutely Mint - read the reviews...a great amp !

    For Sale: Ayre MX-R's. Silver. All boxes, felt bags, owners manual, will look like it came from the factory. Single owner, bought new from a authorized dealer. $9450 USD including shipping and paypal to any address globally. These are eligible for upgrade to MX-R 20's for 11k USD...
  13. jfrech

    Lyra Atlas - Single owner - pics - excellent condition

    List price $9500. $4750 selling price including all express shipping and paypal fees. Including international. I figure I have about 750 hours on it. 7 hours/week and two years old next month. It should be easily good for another 1500 hours. I have all original accessories. Box, stylus...
  14. jfrech

    [SOLD] Shunyata Anaconda Zitrons (2 available). Like new condition, box etc 15 amp

    I have 2 Anaconda Zitrons 1.75m available for sale. Both I bought brand new from my local dealer. Willing to ship worldwide. Pay pal and shipping included at asking price of $1600 each. Both are 15 amp, 1.75m with IEC-C15 connectors (USA). Please let me know if you have any questions. I...
  15. jfrech

    Esoteric Blue Note SACD's

    I couldn't decide where to post this, in the music forum or in the digital audio forum. I choose digital audio, if the moderators want to move it, I understand. I am a HUGE SACD fan. But also think my vinyl is damn good too. Anyone try this Esoteric Blue Note SACD box set? I have all the...
  16. jfrech

    Robert Koda K-10 - Tone Audio long term review...

    I have to agree with Jeff Dorgay @ Tone Audio. I've had my Koda K-10 now for over 2 years. It's just amazing everyday I listen to it. A few want more volume gradations, it doesn't bother me...the 40 steps synch up nicely with my system. Just a amazing pre amp...and one if you're...
  17. jfrech

    Nagra PLL/VPS/Jazz owners, have you tried the Nagra MPS - I have

    I've had a long love affair of my Nagra VPS phono stage. It's the oldest component in my system. I've tried 3 other phono stages over the years and the Nagra just keeps going. Others seem to have their admirable things, but never better than the Nagra as whole. My dealer brought over the...
  18. jfrech

    Transparent Opus Gen 5 vs Transparent Opus MM2 mini review

    I've upgraded a few cables to the new Transparent Gen 5. But was never able to do a strict A-B of a Gen 5 vs MM2 with only 1 variable changing. Today that changed. The cable was from my phono stage to pre amp. I own a MM2 Opus, my dealer had a Gen 5 Opus, we both have the same phono and...
  19. jfrech

    Maxx 2's - $19,500 USD + shipping

    Have a friend with Maxx 2's. Great price. I used to own a pair of these...before my Rockports and Maxx 3's. Really hard to beat this speaker for 19.5k ! Especially in dynamics, bass punch and drive along with image height. These portray music small and large depending on the...
  20. jfrech

    HDMI cables (Transparent Audio)

    I am not sure how many of you have tried better HDMI cables. Over the weekend I bought 2 Transparent Audio High Performance (1 + 2 meter) HDMI cables. 1 meter is $265 USD. These were for my bedroom TV and the living room. Both TV's are Sony LED XBR's (forget the model #). I used the...
  21. jfrech

    CBS News: Vinyl sales at record high
  22. jfrech

    Just went from dCS Scarlatti to dCS Vivaldi DAC

    I only have 25 hours of playing/warm up time/break in time on the new dac...all I can say is holy smokes...this is a profound change in digital reproduction. And I know I have 500-1000 hours of break-in to go through.
  23. jfrech

    Possible MoFi Record sleeve issue...I am stumped...could it be residue ??

    I use a Keith Monks record cleaner, the monks fluids, and Mofi inner sleeves after each cleaning. I've used this combo for years now. About a year ago, I started having issues with what looked like some sort of residue on my LP's. It seemed water soluble...definately something on the...
  24. jfrech

    dCS Scarlatti software update and firewire vs dual AES

    I updated my dCS Scarlatti dac and trans software. This allowed me to swap my Audioquest Diamond firewire with Dual AES Transparent Ref XL digital cables. This new software allows all sample rates and DSD via Dual AES via something now in the Scarlatti menu called "Vivaldi mode" The...
  25. jfrech

    New binary digital format? (pretty cool video)

    Kinda cool...worth a watch...
  26. jfrech

    Any Mizzou fans ? Go Missouri today vs Auburn !

    Hopefully a BCS National Championship berth to the winner...
  27. jfrech

    Schroder lT installed, pics a few comments...

    Just makes amazing music....
  28. jfrech

    Pic of my new Schroeder LT arm in manufacturing...

    So earlier this year, a friend and I both ordered Schroeder LT tonearms. They are due to be shipped and installed in about 10 days. I'll be using my Lyra Atlas...Looking forward to hearing this arm and suspect it to be a better match with my Lyra than my Tri Planar currently is. The Tri...
  29. jfrech

    Shunyata King Cobra CX 1.8 meter 15 amp (pics - 2 for sale)

    Hi I have 2 of these for sale. Really special of the best. $1750 each. Paypal and shipping in USA included. Will ship overseas for the extra amount...have all the boxes, packing etc. Will look new when they arrive.
  30. jfrech

    Shunyata vs other types of grounding devices

    Hi, I want to be careful how I word this thread. I am not looking to bash other companies...however we have a few lively threads going on elsewhere on WBF around 2 companies and their grounding devices. I am sure what the others are hearing is real...some pretty classy guys commenting on...

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