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  1. Salvof

    New preamplifier Audio Research/Conrad Jonson

    Hello everybody I'm going to change the preamp, and it must necessarily have at least an MM phono. Making a selection and considering the golden age of high fidelity, the choice fell on three models, CJ Evolution 20, Audio Research sp10 sp11 and 15 Let's say that for reasons of historical...
  2. Salvof

    Air Tight atc-1 vs Shindo

    Thanks a lot Bonzo
  3. Salvof

    Air Tight atc-1 vs Shindo

    Good morning everyone, Does anyone know the Air Tight atc 1? I would like to understand what kind of sound it has, in particular what differences there can be with a Shindo Mazeris bellevue. I'm looking for an preamplifier with MM phono preamp that sounds like the Shindo. Thanks
  4. Salvof

    Shindo Lab preamplifier

    So is the leben sound similar to the shindo sound? Can you tell me about it? Why could I think of replacing my peamp and power amp with the Leben 600, instead of putting a pre shindo with the conrad johnson power amp. Regards
  5. Salvof

    Shindo Lab preamplifier

    Thanks a lot Bonzo
  6. Salvof

    Shindo Lab preamplifier

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I used a Shindo Mazeris Bellevue pre-amplifier in my house, instead of my Classe' Audio dr6 and this was defeated easily. For the record, the power amp used is a Conrad MV60SE and Altec 19 speakers. Now I would like to buy a Mazeris right away, but I would like to know...

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