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  1. mcduman

    Kinki Earth Speaker Cables

    they released their flame series and launched a new web site yes i still enjoy them
  2. mcduman

    Kinki Earth Speaker Cables vinshine audio carries them too with a slightly higher price. i got them direct and had the connectors custom-made rgds
  3. mcduman

    Kinki Earth Speaker Cables

    I have been watching the chi-fi scene for a while now. I know that the first generation was inexpensive crappy stuff with unlistenable HF signature. Next came a plethora of digital products that were designed with AP test equipment and really impressed the likes of amirm but not the real...
  4. mcduman

    Bakoon Amp-41R and 51R integrated amps using SATRI circuit

    this company is now called enleum. i never understood their history, is it a korean, japanese or us company?
  5. mcduman

    Magico M9

    Carbon monocoque bike frame production is a significantly more sophisticated process and the poor souls have to invest in at least 5 molds for different sizes of the same model.
  6. mcduman

    Audiophile router configuration

    very interesting topic. will test later today. i also have 20 or 40 hz under bandwidth settings. which one is better?
  7. mcduman

    Bayz Audio Counterpoint 2.0 >>>>Rhapsody.Audio

    perfect. that explains the kondo front end. my initial impression was those tweeters could be a taxing load.
  8. mcduman

    Bayz Audio Counterpoint 2.0 >>>>Rhapsody.Audio

    hi, i am really interested in these speakers. what is the minimum impedance?
  9. mcduman

    In search of the best rca cable

    hi zappadady, i have tried many ansuz cables and they are very good. i heard all the way from x to dtc series and ended up buying the d2 power cord. like most cable brands, as you go up the price ladder there are nice and noticeable differences. and power and signal cables from the same series...
  10. mcduman

    Rock and Drum videos thread

    for something a little bit different
  11. mcduman

    YG Acoustics

    can you also comment on the depth and width of the stage? i am asking because i find them to be lacking in that department. and also because this is not the right thread.
  12. mcduman

    Battery power for router

    many use shitty buck converters for leds and whatnots
  13. mcduman

    Battery power for router

    almost all powerbanks use noisy switching voltage regulators after Li batteries connected in series. I would argue that: 1. for 6v and 12 v dc equipment vrla batteries are still better 2. for 3v3, 5v, 7 or 9v etc dc there are low noise, high pssr linear regulators, most notably the new lt304x...
  14. mcduman

    Battery power for router

    I am doing exactly that as i reported earlier:
  15. mcduman

    Interview with MSB @ Mono and Stereo

    sensational sounding stuff, priced like cables. you know where to start the negotiations with the dealer
  16. mcduman

    Help me beat my CD Transport

    playing around with different ethernet patch cables for a while now, here are my conclusions: shielded cat 7 cables are meant for properly grounded data center grade networking equipment. for home use with one end of the patch cable connected to a noisy smps in your router, the shield...
  17. mcduman

    The new affordable A-series from Magico

    suddenly the s3 @28k looked expensive. no?
  18. mcduman

    Raspberry Pi as Digital server

    hi michael, thanks for posting at wbf. I am familiar with your work and closely follow the thread over at sbaf, though i have not had my hands on a 502 yet i use a headless pi/hifiberry digi+ as my primary source for streaming tidal for over a year now. never have i been more excited about a...
  19. mcduman

    Introduction from Los Angeles - New High End Audio Dealer/Distributor

    just saw this thread. i know Oz from his banking days. he was top equity person with a large swiss bank that i am sure is managing the funds of a few people around here. he was a big audio enthusiast even then. we used to haul 100 kg mono blocks from his place to mine at 3 a.m. at night with a...
  20. mcduman

    69-70 Hz problem: advice requested

    nope. used to have the same problem. do not blindly waste your time and energy on accessories before finding out the exact boundary that is interacting with your loudspeakers to create this 70 Hz peak. do the (sub) woofer crawl first by placing one of your speakers in your listening position...
  21. mcduman

    AC Polarity and the reduction of noise and hum

    i like the PIMMS a lot and i have a few lying around if anyone wants to borrow or buy one of them. all schuko models. i thought they were isolation transformers though.
  22. mcduman

    AC Polarity and the reduction of noise and hum

    this is the famous aes48 which tells you what to do with pin 1 of the xlr cable in balanced connections (connect it to the chassis at both ends). in my ayre amp, this is not the case so i connect the chassis to the earth ground with good results. mr pass appears to be not that fond of this 48...
  23. mcduman

    AC Polarity and the reduction of noise and hum

    again, to go back to the original subject, an isolation transformer has no impact on the amount of ac leakage. i tested with and without Transparent's top of the line isolator, PIMM and measured no difference. i do not know how this thing can ever be suppressed.
  24. mcduman

    AC Polarity and the reduction of noise and hum

    earlier in the thread i posted the results of my measurements with normal and inverted polarities: my pre (an Ayre Twenty series unit) has the following readings: Normal 39.2V. Inverted...
  25. mcduman

    AC Polarity and the reduction of noise and hum

    micro, thanks for looking at my numbers. although the variation in my transport and dac are not that high (3%) with normal and inverted polarities, i am bothered by the fact that, for the dac, i am getting a lower reading with reverse polarity. (i repeated the measurements with the same...
  26. mcduman

    AC Polarity and the reduction of noise and hum

    i live in the schuko land and here are my measurement with normal and reverse polarities. Normal Reverse Result (Volts) AC AC Transport 110.3 114.0 ? DAC 114.5 110.6 Change Pre 39.2 84.8 ? 1. I did not measure current but was...
  27. mcduman

    Magico on the cover of Stereophile

    my thoughts exactly, must have said the same somewhere in the forum
  28. mcduman

    How COULD upgraded Ethernet cables make a positive difference? What's behind it?

    to add to this classy discussion from my own experience: 1. i considered fiber ethernet for a while then read that those 2x TP-LINK MC200CM converters worked better with linear power supplies. 2. instead i decided to power my modem/router with a 12 v battery to cure the switch mode nasties...
  29. mcduman

    Apple Just Told The World It Has no idea who the Mac is for

    Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro has more orders from Apple than any other pro model ever I hate apple by the way for killing music with their standard-setting 256...
  30. mcduman

    Master Built-What are Owners Hearing That They Didn't Hear With Other Cables

    as a believer in cables i take steve's recommendation very seriously although all opinions are just data points for the community to discus, hear and learn. i will make an effort to hear these cables as soon as humanly possible. MB appears to be around for 5 years and this first time i am...

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