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    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    It is sadly possible that he could be the new Yao Ming, if this trend continues.
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    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    I tend to agree, BUT if the Suns are healthy going into the playoffs, they can match the Celtics firepower--at the very least, Durant and Booker can equal or perhaps even exceeed Tatum and Brown. And the Suns have Chris Paul, while the Celtics have a bit more depth. That could be a great finals...
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    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    But he's always gotten this kind of attention. Even his high school games were broadcast on ESPN. Breaking the all-time scoring record is nothing to sneeze at, and let's face it, he may well keep doing this another few years ala Tom Brady. He's also not the first Laker with diva tendencies. Both...
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    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    I admired LeBron in Cleveland, found his diva act in Miami nauseating, and--as a Laker fan going back to Chamberlain and West--have tried to warm up to him as a Laker with mixed results. The bubble championship was nice, but not entirely satisfying. I will say this, though. No one else ever has...
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    Best place to sell gear these days?

    US Audio Mart. I used to use Audiogon exclusively, but as others have said, they've made it too cumbersome and pricey. I've had no problem selling gear of all kinds on US Audio Mart.
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    Worst Movie of All Time?

    St. Elmo's Fire I could name several movies with "Brat Pack" actors in them among my guilty pleasures, but this self-indulgent, precious piece of ca-ca is damn near unwatchable. I really hated it.
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    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    Actually, they need two more wins to seal it.
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    Class A integrated

    The new Boulder 866 is a must-audition in this price range.
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Thanks to all contributors for a truly excellent discussion. I ordered my TRP today, upgrading from the Amber 3. Lots of good stuff here regarding tube rolling, but I don't think I have seen any mention of the Shuguang WE 6CA7. Has anyone tried this tube in the TRP? I've got a quad of WE KT88s...

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