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  1. Uk Paul

    FS Ktema's and best amp to pair with?

    Thank you Lloyd, Marc for your kind words.. Steve, just replied to your email, as Marc says, Concert Fidelity ZL200 Solid state, ( I use a tube pre still)..
  2. Uk Paul

    SUPATRAC Blackbird Tonearm

    Well that is to be expected, partly because we have used calculations to indicate errors which some will pass judgement on emphatically, while others are prepared to experiment to verify how valid this data is, or not. It is understandable if your hobby is looking at graphs, it may provide some...
  3. Uk Paul

    SUPATRAC Blackbird Tonearm

    Which, the Viv Labs?
  4. Uk Paul

    SUPATRAC Blackbird Tonearm

    We have a 10.5" Supatrac here, fitting it to a 401 plinth top plate next week, comparison to the Viv Labs will be interesting as this is my current arm.
  5. Uk Paul

    Munich show 2023 Hifideluxe and MOC .

    Really very good Marc, there was an ease and flow to the music from this TT, genuinely a very engaging but relaxing experience which made this room a regular visit throughout the 4 days.
  6. Uk Paul

    Munich show 2023 Hifideluxe and MOC .

    Yes Marc..
  7. Uk Paul

    Munich show 2023 Hifideluxe and MOC .

    Designs from Peters past, 2 way I believe but produced scale incomensurate with their diminutive size
  8. Uk Paul

    Munich show 2023 Hifideluxe and MOC .

    Soundsmith, one of the best rooms imo; true articulation, depth and speed, tonality, accuracy, scale, via Hyperion cart .. Bravo Peter & Co..
  9. Uk Paul

    Calling Sonus Faber Owners - Wenge Veneer Finish QC Question

    Well if Sonus Faber tried fobbing me with that bs I'd call them out..
  10. Uk Paul

    Calling Sonus Faber Owners - Wenge Veneer Finish QC Question

    Most veneers these days are just 0.5 - 0.6mm thick, 1/4 sawn Wenge usually 0.6 as it is quite hard and brittle and does not slice as easily as many other timbers. There would be no concern though of the veneers lifting, the 2k resins are not affected by solvent based lacquers, thankfully!
  11. Uk Paul

    Calling Sonus Faber Owners - Wenge Veneer Finish QC Question

    Hi, The Wenge veneer is quite porous, what you see there is a resin adhesive that has bled through the open pores when pressed under high pressure, sometimes this is unavoidable with Wenge, though SF could have used a pigment in the resin glue to reduce it's noticeability.. It can be avoided at...
  12. Uk Paul

    Heart arithmetic at times

    There is, as already said, clear data that the covid boosters are linked with your symptoms Al, MRNA technology has never been used on a mass scale until now, so this is all new. I'm not suggesting this is the cause but it is worth looking into.. Keep well.. Paul
  13. Uk Paul

    Trafomatic Audio Elysium Amplifier

    Lloyd, Both your K160 and the Elysium are true end game amplifiers IMO; it is hard to know here to go from there, both offer a utterly transparent window to source, assuming the pre is of similar pedigree and with the RK and the Trafomatic pre (Tara) it certainly is.. A direct comparison would...
  14. Uk Paul

    The cars you have loved, or are in love with. Tell us your car history and what each one taught you

    Oh and on the theme of sound, being an audio forum afterall, during the 1980's, I spent a lot of time in Welsh forests, from which the sound of the Audi Quattro S1 E2 is permanently burned into my brain, you hear it's approach literally minutes before it comes past at such fearsome speed, it was...
  15. Uk Paul

    The cars you have loved, or are in love with. Tell us your car history and what each one taught you

    Narrowing down a list to a single car is dead easy for me, but the top 3 are all unattainable certainly for me at least, and for most. I've had hands on experience with two of the 3, being at #1, Ford GT40 and #3 Auburn Boattail Speedster which was being restored next door around 10 years ago...
  16. Uk Paul

    The journey

    Very nice and detailed write up Dan, clear system evolution to a really enjoyable experience in your room, looking forward to visiting again at some not too distant point..
  17. Uk Paul

    Z:Axis Audio Reference I2S Cable

    Thank you very much indeed Lloyd for the update on your journey into CD based digital and for the praise placed upon the SL-D i2s, it is always very comforting to hear such positive feedback on a product that has evolved through a genuine and thorough design process which we learned of the...
  18. Uk Paul

    Are We the Last Generation?

    Good thread Bill, and it is something I think about quite often; more so given the cost of top end products rising exponentially over recent years. We are absolutely a minority in our interest as we all realise, but the most concerning thing looking to the future is the likelihood of AI actually...
  19. Uk Paul

    Ypsilon DAC 1000

    Hi Audiospirit, It is still to happen, we have been waiting for the new Ayon Kronos to become available which it is now, (delays due to AKM chip supply) so this will no doubt go ahead next year. From what I have heard the new Kronos Ultimate (top level version which is what we will have) is...
  20. Uk Paul

    AS Seasoned Audiophiles, What Have You Learned?

    My main takeaway from 37 years in audio is that we still don't know what the recording actually captured. Nice post Bill, good to hear from you again..
  21. Uk Paul

    Best turntable under 50k?

    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to collaborate with others in restoring your faith in audio, small manufacturers such as us with serious product lines always find it a mountain to climb to get this opportunity.. Your system peaked at such a high level it triggered a reset in my...
  22. Uk Paul

    Full Aries Cerat Limited Edition system on constant demo in Sofia, Bulgaria

    I should come and visit you when I'm there next, probably late autumn now, are you in the city centre Vess?
  23. Uk Paul

    Aidas Cartridges arrive at Solypsa

    Hey Erik; welcome aboard! It is great to hear that you have got NA distributorship for these wonderful cartridges, they certainly deserve to be considered in the upper echelon's of MC pick up's, such is their 'rightness of sound'..
  24. Uk Paul

    What are members recommendations on current turntables in the $15K to $22K price range?

    Hi Erik, It is for sure; many will just walk on past a TT like the 401 thinking it's old, how can it compete with so called modern design? Well it can and some, though the combination that the General has set up at present is simply incredible, and I'm not saying this just because we had some...
  25. Uk Paul

    What are members recommendations on current turntables in the $15K to $22K price range?

    I think Peter has it right here; based on the results heard in Zerostargeneral's system with his newly installed 401, Vivlabs RF7 and final production run active cartridge / current (as opposed to voltage) phono stage, it would be very very difficult to beat, if not near impossible for any...
  26. Uk Paul

    Any cyclists here?

    I hope health improves for you Stirling and you get out riding as much as you want to; 1800 miles is A LOT better than no miles though, no matter what speed.. I'm sure you'll enjoy Europe again, which parts are you heading for?
  27. Uk Paul

    Audiophile electrician?

    While not Florida based, Kingrex on here could offer some advice and maybe help, this is his area of expertise.. Sounds like you are using your retirement time wisely..
  28. Uk Paul

    Any cyclists here?

    Nice to hear from you Stirling; I trust all good with you over there? For the time being I'm still running 23's but the state of our dismal roads over here I'll probably look to check out some 28's this season, possibly adding another set of wheels. Things have certainly changed in the thinking...
  29. Uk Paul

    Any cyclists here?

    How do you like the Campag WTO's? Do you get pushed around by the wind much being 60's?
  30. Uk Paul

    Any cyclists here?

    I never tire of watching this:

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