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    horn speakers readily available in the UK? or other British speakers to check out...

    I've recently been offered a job in the UK. Naturally, hi-fi is not the foremost concern in a potential trans-Atlantic move, but more than likely my Magnepan 3.7i's would not be coming with me from Chicago. I'm not sure yet if I'll be living in London central (in a flat) or further out (detached...
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    cartridge advice, $2k, 4-Point 14” and or Schroeder CB-1L

    I’m adding the 4-Point 14 and CB-1L to my analog rig soon. Both purchased (used) and likely to be added to my SP10mk2. I know these arms both call for some serious $5k and up carts, but for now, I’m going to stick to circa $2k. I have a Koetsu Black that will go on one arm and am looking into...
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    advice sought, turntables $10-20k

    Apologies in advance for the advice thread, but I'm hoping I can seek out some perspectives from the analog boffins on here.... I'm contemplating a turntable and/or tonearm upgrade. Here are the two set-ups I currently have: 1) Garrard 401, with the following upgrades and other components...
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    upgrading speakers in very large room

    Hi, all, my first post on your excellent forum, on which I've been lurking for the last few months. The below is humbly submitted, with apologies for a long-ish, perhaps tedious "what's better?" post. I'm inching my way into to the high-end, and am betting a lot of folks on here have been where...

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