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  1. rubinken

    Arco bass in jazz recordings

    If nay specific arco bass cuts come to mind, please let me know.
  2. rubinken

    Arco bass in jazz recordings

    There's something special & moving when I hear arco (with the bow) bass in jazz. I'd appreciate any recommended jazz cuts where that dark, solid, cavernous arco bass flows. Thanks in advance.
  3. rubinken

    Best Countries to Visit?

    I've traveled quite a bit I suggest Japan, spending a lot of liesure time in Kyoto. It's quite magical.
  4. rubinken

    Curious to hear your experience with Viking Acoustics Berlin R speakers

    What are your thoughts about them filling a large space?
  5. rubinken

    Curious to hear your experience with Viking Acoustics Berlin R speakers

    It is the maple ones. They sure look phenomenal. I'll find out how they work in my room. Which Vikings did you have? Thanks
  6. rubinken

    Curious to hear your experience with Viking Acoustics Berlin R speakers

    I was able to open your video. Thanks. Those speakers certainly don't look huge in that space. Your room looks like a very comfortable, relaxing space. And it's great that you have a view of those gorgeous mountains. I'm the yin of your your yang, as I live in Olympia, WA in the Pacific NW...
  7. rubinken

    Curious to hear your experience with Viking Acoustics Berlin R speakers

    Thanks. Hope he sees the thread and responds.
  8. rubinken

    Curious to hear your experience with Viking Acoustics Berlin R speakers

    Thanks for your response. Ha! We, too, have an acoustically challenging space: Great room w/very high wood beam & wood ceilings, wood floors with rugs, open design into kitchen & dining room, a wall of doors & windows, with a perpendicular wall of windows. Views are awesome, but there's terrible...
  9. rubinken

    Daves' True Story

    Excellent, engaging, fun music. Highly recommended. Too bad they didn't stay together longer.
  10. rubinken

    XA25 to XA60.8 or X260.8 on Harbeths ?

    I suggest that you call Mark at Reno Hifi. I am not associated with them, other than being a satisfied customer. Mark will give you his well informed opinions. He also offers a generous refund/exchange policy so you can listen to them in your room with your electronics, acoustics & music...
  11. rubinken

    Curious to hear your experience with Viking Acoustics Berlin R speakers

    Have you listened to, or own David's Viking Acoustics Berlin R speakers? I'm curious to hear your impressions, and your placement explorations. I have an order in for a used pair of his Berlin R MKiii. I will be driving them with my Vitus SIA 025ii integrated. My room, unfortunately, has...
  12. rubinken

    "Emotionally Engaging"

    Emotional engagement with music is why people all over the world enjoy music. Everywhere! The foundation of all music is our beating heart. All too often audiophiles detour from their heart to their head to describe in words, analyze, and "understannd" hifi. Regardless of specs, price, new...
  13. rubinken

    Audiophile Hearing Aids

    I know, sadly. Eventually science will be able to offset frequency loss, but not now. Heck, we can replace hearts these days!
  14. rubinken

    Audiophile Hearing Aids

    Following as a71-yr old with hearing aids. I wish that there was a device to offset/recreate my high frequency hearing loss. Obviously, the WIDEX do not have that ability.
  15. rubinken

    Recommendations for stand mount speaker

    I own a pair of Marten Heritage Duke 2 stand mounts driven by a Boulder Class A integrated. These Swedish speakers engage me with details, soundstaging and accurate timbres of jazz, vocals, and chamber music. If you can, I suggest that you give those a listening. Stereonet review fwiw...
  16. rubinken

    APL Hifi DACs - how does this brand compare?

    I'll be curious to hear about your impressions of Alex's new Special Edition (SE) compared to the MK2 when you get it back. Thanks.
  17. rubinken

    APL Hifi DACs - how does this brand compare?

    I'm surprised that no one else is responding.
  18. rubinken

    APL Hifi DACs - how does this brand compare?

    I have a DSD-MR MK2 that is stunning. It involves me emotionally, which is what's most important to me. As I was able to get a terrific deal on a used one, I only compared it to some older, less expensive DAC's, the Luxman DA-06 and the AMR DP777SE. I preferred the APL by a significant amount...
  19. rubinken

    New APL DSD-MR Special Edition (SE)

    Seems like creative Alex Peychev announced a new top-of-the-line Special Edition DSD. Apparently this is a 'step-up' from his DSD-MR MK2. From Facebook: "We are very excited to announce the DSD-MR SE (Special Edition). The SE is the final release for our reference DSD-MR model. The DSD-MR...
  20. rubinken

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Thank you so much for turning me on to these folks. It's been a l-o-n-g time since I have been moved so deeply by a musical group (even though I don't understand a word that she's singing.)
  21. rubinken

    Whatsbestforums Super Disc List

    Thanks for reincarnating this. Lots of good leads of music to check out.
  22. rubinken

    Meet the best neighbors ever

    Made me listen to "Home in the Country" on Midnight McCartney, John Pizzarelli. "...Want a horse, I want a sheep, I wanna get me a good night's sleep..."Ha! Oh yea!
  23. rubinken

    Best Small Horn speaker? Horn speaker lovers. (Piano sound)

    What is the musical purpose of the wood (?) over the woofer? Is it merely cosmetic?
  24. rubinken

    10 Jazz Albums You Need To Know for April

    Highly recommended, both musically & acoustically.
  25. rubinken

    Most under-rated guitarist of all time?

    Jack Rose playing solo raga guitar
  26. rubinken

    I Figured Out My Love Of Audio After 61 Years

    Congratulations for fulfilling you dream! I'm 70, and, sadly, I'm losing my hearing, particularly in high frequencies. The sad part of this hobby is that, for most of us, by the time we can afford quality components & explore a wide variety to attain a symbiotic gestalt, we have aged and...
  27. rubinken

    Jonathan Valin says the Soulution 760 DAC is the best he's ever heard. Your Thoughts?

    How can so many of you criticize JV when he's not here to defend or explain himself? It seems quite shady, insensitive and unprofessional to me. Why not describe how *you* hear the 760DAC with specific components, room acoustics & music sources?
  28. rubinken

    Your DAC replacement thoughts please

    Thanks DasguteOhr, I found a terrific price on a used APL DSD-MR MK2. I'm very pleased with the sound, so I'm set for now.

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