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    Which will be your next purchase?

    Having gone from hard core analog two-channel to hard core digital multi-channel, my next purchase will be a “complete” two channel system (albeit digital only source) in a new room. I’m trying to sort out whether that’ll be tubes driving ribbons (or similar), or, solid state driving Accutons...
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    Listening rooms and doors

    Ditto! Zero International has great products. There’s tremendous leakage if you don’t get it properly sealed all the way around.
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    What Did Your System Look Like 20 Years Ago???

    The LAT speakers were terrific in their day, particularly if you had enough power to really drive them.
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    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    Beautiful speakers, and even more so in Arena!
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    What Did Your System Look Like 20 Years Ago???

    Converted two car garage with no bathroom but plenty of RPG 4” absorbers and skyline diffusers Genesis ribbons (forgot the model … “line source” wi/ built in “sub”woofers) ARC Ref 2 VTL 750s in triode mode Basis vacuum, Graham arm, Aesthetix with dual power supplies, Koetsu Rosewood Signature...
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    What Brands of Headphones and Headphone Amplifiers do Fans of High Efficiency Speakers and SET Amps Enjoy?

    Decwared Taboo amp has all the 300B magic you could hope for. It's tube rolling friendly and has plenty of power to drive just about any headphones. HifiMan HE100V2 headphones and Dan Clark Audio Stealth are my current favorites. Focal Utopias are...
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    A little help with choosing headphones

    I don’t think the automated noise control headphones will block what you want blocked. They are good for background ambient noise like airplane hum or subway noise, but less so for episodic noise. Instead, you might try in-ear monitors. I’ve had good results with Ultimate Ears custom fit units...
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    What is your ambient room spl level?

    25db A 34db C Both via Decibel X on an iPhone It helps that all the equipment except for the projector is in an adjacent isolated room, and, that the projector is in a well engineered hush box.
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    What is the Sound of Front Wall Diffusion?

    Gunnar, I have had three areas not dissimilar from the window bay behind your right speaker and they decorative insert closer to your left speaker. For two I had a trim carpenter create a two piece unit that I could “insert” or “stand up” inside the opening to create a temporary (only visible...
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    Dialing in your Subwoofer Crossover with your Main Speakers

    Dialing in placement, phase, level and crossover point with REW is an order of magnitude easier and more reliable than dialing in by ear alone. The process of measurement with a broad array of crossover points and phases helps me to understand why the mains and subs are behaving and sounding the...
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    Equipment Rack Location

    Exactly my experience. (Similar step up when I then added diffusion and absorption to the front wall)
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    The Stealth - Dan Clark Audio's endgame headphones

    More similar to the 1000’s than the Utopias. The Utopias are “high precision” and analytical (not bad, just ”is”). The 1000‘s are more “liquid” like they have a touch of a higher end Koetsu cartridge or a 300B in them.
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    The Stealth - Dan Clark Audio's endgame headphones

    I’ve greatly enjoyed these new cans via both solid state and tube amps.
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    Apple AirPods Max Headphones

    These are absolutely worth a listen. They’re one of my new favorites:
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    Delta Sigma Versus R2R Ladder

    The Bricasti M3 is a great bang for the buck DAC. You can get it with a nice headphone amp built in fir a nice all in one headphone rig.
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    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    I would consider one of these for my multichannel system, which has a Trinnov Altitude 32 as the AV processor and DAC. It is a Roon ready device with an Ethernet input. I use Ethernet for device control (e.g. volume control and surround format via both Crestron and an iPad VNC interface) and...
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    Looking to buy my firstTube Power Amp

    I’ve been very happy with various BAT amps. They’ve got great sonics, are highly reliable, and if purchased used are in your price range.
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    Did you ever get a chance to try this combination? I’ve enjoyed (bigger) Bryston amps more than their reputation on this forum would suggest is likely.
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    State of the Art Bookshelf/Standmount Speakers

    I’ve been happy with Kii 3 speakers in a similar setting. The ability to adjust the radiation pattern of the bass is particularly valuable in a bookshelf setting.
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    Preamp choice for GoldeGate2 and ATC SCM50 (~20-25k)

    I’m a big fan of the VTL 7.5 III. It imposes only a very light sonic signature, and one that I like at that. Luke at VTL will honestly answer technical questions to ensure that it’s a great match for your particular equipment. (Plus, it lets you do tube rolling in yet another element of your...
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    Lets have fun and create my new listening room

    Two thumbs up for going to a pro at Acoustic Frontiers or similar. You could just about copy and past LenWhite’s guidance and likely get a pretty good outcome. I am a huge fan of ceiling treatments, with plenty of absorption and diffusers above the listening area. In prior rooms I found two...
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    M-1 iPad Pro (2021) as a Streamer Driving Headphones

    Nice write up. I’ve been positively surprised by how good iPads sound with headphones. This converter also works well with cans: E1DA 9038D portable DAC and headphone dongle. Night and day difference vs. Apple’s generic dongle...
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    What Types of Digital Components and Gadgets have made the Biggest Positive Impact in Your System?

    Various forms of reclockers - going way (way) back PS Audio’s ground breaking “digital lens” was the first device I had that made much lower (at the time anyway) jitter so audible. A decade ago Steve Nugent’s Off Ramp and Synchromesh units delivered vanishingly low jitter (I had a dedicated...
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    Bluetooth transmitter

    I’ve used REL and SVS wireless transmitters for subs in non-critical setups. Full range performance isn’t great, but for surrounds may be acceptable. A link to a review of one:
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    Measuring power line noise with the TriField EM100, and the impressive effect of Shyunyata products

    If I wanted someone to measure the noise in my system what would the “spec” be for the person and the end product. I’d like to determine the type of noise and the magnitude of current availability/losses at the outlets my gear is plugged into, and, the noise profile with each piece of gear...
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    Any benefit to adding a Typhon to an Everest? Chaining a Triton?

    Two questions: 1) Is there any benefit to adding a Typhon to an Everest? 2) If I wanted to “separate” my noisy digital switching supplies and similar from other sources would chaining a Triton to an Everest be an effective way of doing that?
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    The MSB Select Transport - My new toy for the new year of 2019

    A bit off topic, but what would you consider the best currently available BR players for home theatre (I do all video processing via Lumagen)?
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    Multiway crossover DSP devices/systems (for active Speakers)

    Accurate and AudioLense both work very well. Both require a level of measurement and Windows sophistication that most people lack. I‘ve used, and liked, both for multiway crossovers.

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