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    Alexx Vs arrived

    Arrived today. I am still awaiting the amplifier I ordered (Boulder 3060) and pre-amplifier (TBD). They got initial positioning and setup with D'Agostino Momentum amp and Rossini. My initial reaction to them vs. the Alexia's they replaced: 1) Richer bass but a bit tight. 2) Mid-range is...
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    Nagra HD Preamp audition - noob notes

    Today I auditioned the Nagra HD Preamp. Given that there are very few reviews on this product I thought it might be useful to post my thoughts. First, the system I listened to: DAC: Nagra Classic Preamp: Nagra HD Preamp (latest iteration) Amp: Nagra HD monos Speakers: YG Sonja 2.2i Cables...
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    Boulder 3060 smooth and a maybe even a bit warm?

    (my first post) I am close to making a decision on a 3060. Rest of the system is Alexx V, dCS Rossini+Clock, Transparent XL. My only hesitation is around musicality - I want more bass and a lower noise floor but without sacrificing smoothness and musicality. (The amp being upgraded is a...

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