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    Is it a good idea to post this in an audiophile forum where there are many obsessive compulsive individuals? I got no work done for 24 hours as I just finished all previous 200 Wordle’s that I missed. haha. But thanks. That was fun while it lasted. Time to go back to obsessively reading...
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    Please grade a system (woofer + floorstanding speakers)

    So many things to unpack here. For some generic statements: Triangle vs Focal: That’s a personal preference thing. I prefer Focal sound. You might prefer Triangle. You should know what you prefer. Chora vs Aria: The higher end speaker line always has less distortions, sound more detail with more...
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    Given this room, what is best for windows reflection and correct positioning of speakers

    I can't believe how I spent so long mesmerized by the beautiful rendering of the future space. So jealous and happy for you. With such a large space, I agree with others that it is unlikely room nodes/bass resonances or first reflection points are going to play a major factor. Once you moved in...
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    Small room issues vs large room w/ issues - my dilemma

    All DSP solutions for room correction are imperfect and about compromises. That's why ideally, you want to get the room acoustics as good as you can. For example, you can go from building your own convolution filter with Acourate (like I did) to accommodate for asymmetric setups or use Dirac...
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    Small room issues vs large room w/ issues - my dilemma

    Congrats on joining the forum. I can sense a lot of excitement about the different possibilities for upgrades/treatments that you've read online or heard. But part of the problem is that it's like telling people that I want to drive a better car as I don't feel that my current car drives well...
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Too lazy to find the album cover. Brahms Symphony No. 4 conducted by Carlos Kleiber with the VPO
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    When do you stop upgrading?

    I used to upgrade frequently but half the time I ended up changing the sound rather than improving the sound. So now I don’t upgrade for a long time. I have three takes on this. First, I stop upgrading when I can’t afford or don’t want to pay for the next level of upgrade. Second, as Jim...
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    Volume and Listening

    I was completely confused by this RRV discussion. I take my DAC to the local Head-Fi meets and others also bring their gear and I can see from the DAC that for the same song, amongst our group, our preferred listening volume varies by up to 25dB. To me, sure, each pair of headphones has a...
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    Rachmaninov Cello Sonata - Yuja Wang

    Interesting. This was remastered by Naxos in 2000 onto CD & and again by Beulah edition for streaming in 2020. Must be something special. Will have to decide which edition to listen to. Maybe even both if it’s super special.
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    Rachmaninov Cello Sonata - Yuja Wang

    DG released a new recording of Rachmaninov Cello Sonata with Gautier Capuçon and Yuja Wang performing today. I just listened to it on my headphone system at work (Hugo 2 + Aeon Flow Closed). And while I think Yuja Wang’s piano playing has matured, I still really prefer the poorly recorded but...
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    Magico M9

    Fascinating. Although I don’t even understand how the room acoustics would work with such a giant pair of speakers. That said, when I visit HK in the future, I’d love to be invited to check this out.
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    Upgrading from a Chord Qutest

    I 100% agree with oldbigears here. The slight edginess you hear from the Qutest is probably a little bit of RF leakage ground current noise coming upstream into the Qutest which is why the change to the iFi power supply makes it a little bit better. But the best way to remove this noise is to...
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    Rossini + A5 + ? == “living inside HD800 headphones playing Kraftwerk through Bartok HP”

    I’m listening to Kraftwerk for the first time now on my system (Trans-Europe Express, The Robots, Europe Endless). I have listened to my dealer’s Magico A3 too (and Magico S5, S5 Mk II, S3 Mk II in the past at other stores). I’m sure Magico A5 should give you what you’re looking for in speakers...
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Bruce Liu’s performances at the International Chopin Piano Competition on YouTube.
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    Magico M3 vs M2

    So my dealer had A3 and M2 side by side for the past month. There is no doubt M2 has a bit more low bass and sonically is superior. However just looking at the specs, M2 and A3 have the same sensitivity and M2 is supposed to handle 200W max whereas A3 is 300W. My assumption then is if your A3...
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    Is it possible to get better bass in my room or do I need to change speakers?

    I’m wondering if your speakers are symmetrically setup in the room or not. If you just measure just one speaker, do you still have the same -10dB dip? moreover, do you have the ability to move your listening position forward or backward? If so, you may want to see if you get a better bass...
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    2-Channel Subwoofer Integration

    I have to admit I agree with what was said but also strongly disagree with what has been said. The more I play around with my audio system and listen to others and started getting myself into digital room correction, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that all our audio systems are...
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    Speaker Recommendation up to 70K

    First, I think speaker tech for some companies in particular are always advancing but I don’t think there is any harm in buying end of life cycle products for any of the brands you’re considering because they’re simply very high performing products. Second, it’s funny how your dealer was told...
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    How hard are M2's to drive?

    It sounds like A5 would be a better match for your 30x18 room and NAP 500. My local dealer has an A3 and his M2 just arrived and is being broken in. I don’t think M2 offers that much extra bass extension, probably only a few dB (although we haven’t measured it, yet?). But the listening room is...
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    Orchestra in a small room - Is it possible?

    At some level, I would say the answer to OP’s question is No. However, I have added a Convolution Filter I developed using Acourate to my system and I was quite impressed how much more I can remove the “room effect” from my system digitally without any significant detriment to my system. But...

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