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  1. ThomasW

    Lyngdorf DPA - 1 Digital Pre Amplifier

    A few weeks ago, my Restek Vector pre Amp is gone and „a New kid is in Town“….the Lyngdorf DPA-1 with RoomPerfect… The Lyngdorf solve a Lot of Accoustic Problems in my Room. And it‘s the next step for me to a netter Sound. I‘m happy! I wish you a nice weekend! Best Greetings, Thomas sorry for...
  2. ThomasW

    Preamp/DAC Arcadia DA Model IV DSD 9018D

    At first i have to say sorry for my bad english.... A friend of mine is looking for some information about this DAC. In the net you can‘t get some information. Someone sells it on ebay in Germany. He told us, it‘s a very Limited edition. I can‘ t believe it. Thank you for your help! Greetings...
  3. ThomasW

    Mr. Nixie Amp

    Good Morning, this is my first thread Herr. My English is Bad, but i want to show you my new amp made by Mr. Nixie, Germany. For me, it‘s a best buy. It sounds awesome, colourful with enough power for my Dali Helicon 400 MK2. Sorry for my writing in english. I have to practise a lot. Greetings...

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