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    Audionet Scientist Series: Humboldt Integrated vs Stern and Heisenberg Separates : Having Your Cake and Eating it Too?

    Very interesting. Can I ask what your previous amplification was and what source / speakers you are using with the Humboldt?
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    Magico M9

    +1 although recent price hikes give an unpleasant finish (bill).
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    PreAmp: The Standalone Component Vs DAC Built in Module

    Curious on any updates pairing the MSB DAC direct to the MSB S500 as mentioned? Sorry if missed on another thread.
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    Dartzeel LHC-208 Streaming Capabilities Updates?

    Looks like an update on LHC 208 coming. New model being teased on social media with picture of back of unit which seems to have Dart and RCA outputs added vs current model.
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    The new MSB Technology Forum

    Has worked well for me. There are a number of threads on the server topic on WBF. Can be a little overwhelming but I think a growing acceptance that they do make a difference. Options from Innuos, Antipodes and Taiko all well thought of amongst many others.
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    The new MSB Technology Forum

    I moved over to Squeeze quite a while ago and immediately noticed improved sound / clarity. Its less clear on brief listen just now. But, this is a different DAC and Roon software has updated a few times I think. Will give it some time.
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    The new MSB Technology Forum

    Thanks for the response. I was all set up but found a setting within Squeeze where the audio device was analog out rather than USB DAC. Switched that and all good. Music now playing. :cool:
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    The new MSB Technology Forum

    I have a MSB Discrete DAC in my system at the moment. I use an Antipodes music server as Roon Core / Player but have generally preferred SqueezeLite as a player engine (better sound quality vs Roon Player). I cannot get the MSB unit (via pro USB / pro ISL interface) and Roon to shake hands...
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    All New Amplifier Technology From MSB-Introducing the M500 and the S500

    I would also be interested in this comparison.
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    New MSB Amp Marketing Claim: "Make 2nd Tier Recordings Sound as Good as the Best Recordings" - Big Hairy Audacious Goal or Reality? What's behind it?

    Glad you are enjoying it and mating successfully with non MSB components. One of the key attractions does seem to be the low noise floor which I would assume is beneficial for low volume listening and dynamics?
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    New MSB Amp Marketing Claim: "Make 2nd Tier Recordings Sound as Good as the Best Recordings" - Big Hairy Audacious Goal or Reality? What's behind it?

    Curious about your experience with the S202. There seems to be at least some perception that MSB amps are tailored to MSB DAC direct which seems not to be the case in your system (signature). How do you like it?
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    Help Refine this system, please!

    You certainly have a collection of “all stars” of which I have only heard the Contriva (great speaker). Some tricky decisions if you so choose and I am sure you will get a lot of good advice. I have no value to add but will watch with interest. And… good luck!
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    Soulution 520/511 for Rockport

    Thank you. Lots of great info / discussion here.
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    Soulution 520/511 for Rockport

    Hi Bob, Congrats on the new system. Did you audition the Absolare Integrated? Curious about it.
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    Is this a good place to talk about Vimbergs ?

    Thanks for the input calloway… You have an amazing system! Your amps “sound” fantastic. I have had a brief listen to Contriva with Tidal electronics and it was very impressive.
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    Is this a good place to talk about Vimbergs ?

    I have a pair of Vimberg Amea which I am very much enjoying. Obviously the Mino would have been a step up, as would the Tidal Piano but shared living space made the smaller visual footprint the way to go. That said, they are really excellent in their own right. Now thinking about further...
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    Incredible L1

    Thank you!! Much appreciated.
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    Incredible L1

    Hello. Quite new here and follow lots of threads with interest - not least CH Precision. I had a question for CH Precision L1 / X1 owners. Is the voltage selector of 110 / 115 / 230v easily changed? The manual suggests its selectable but is this a factory / dealer job or very simple for an...
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    Is this a good place to talk about Vimbergs ?

    Would be interested in an update. Looking at similar gear…. How are the Ameas with Tidal electronics plus Taiko?

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