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    boulder 1060 need a long time to warm up and sound good?

    if I leave the 1060 on all the time but play no music, how long it take for it to warming up to sound best? I only listen music 1 hour each day, it will be a deal breaker if it need 45 minutes to warming up. also do you guy think the 1060 can sound as good as dartZeel 108B? thanks tao
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    upgrade parasound JC1 to boulder 1060 or Lamm M2.2?

    I want to upgrade my system, start with the power amp I currently has JC1, plan to boulder or Lamm M2.2, or maybe Ayre gear, what is your suggestion. my pre-amp is conrad jonson ACT2 series 2, speaker is harbeth M40, source is ps audio direct-stream thanks

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