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    MIT pmc power console

    I just received the MIT new pmc power manage console which I purchase from Scott Warren/Supra HiFi. I thought it would be fantastic since all my MIT products are superb. However, the pmc far surpassed my wildest hopes. The imaging is so precise and spatial with each sound in its own space...
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    Center stage 2 by critical mass uses for power consoles

    I received the Power Management Console for MIT yesterday. It is beyond imagination in its excellence. However the center stage2 footer from critical mass took it to an even higher level of euphoria. I didn’t know if a power console (conditioner) could be improved by CS2 footers but the answer...
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    Center Stage Feet have expanded applications

    I placed 1.5 csg2 feet under my preamp, phono stage, and amps with the standard WOW effect others have described. Especially pleasing to me were a great increase in clarity, timbe, nuance, and bass. Perviously I had Stillpoint footers but they actually sucked the life out of my music. The...

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