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  1. kenfren

    Upgrading to Atmos

    Need a little advice here. I have 20 y.o. Rotel equipment doing double duty 2.0/5.0 (no sub). I'm happy w performance but time for the 21st century. Planning on keeping my 5.1 amp and upgrading to Rotel 1576mkii preamp w Atmos/Dirac. What to do about actually refitting? Front speakers are...
  2. kenfren

    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

    Truly grateful for the support. WiFi extender solved my problem. These Demos are wonderful for exploring musical possibilities of both content and equipment. Thank you Philip from one late to the show. And I too get an 'Oops' opening Demo IX in Tidal.
  3. kenfren

    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

    Thanks much for the reply, unfortunately the struggle continues. When things play they do so very intermittently. Not enamored with Tidal thus far.
  4. kenfren

    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

    Struggling to open Phillip's Demo 1 on my laptop (Win 8/Chrome browser). New Tidal Hifi account. What's Best Forum homepage only opens on my smartphone so I sent the link via email and tried to open in Tidal, it transfers but it wont play. Any guidance would be appreciated. The Tidal folks have...

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