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    Do I want my every day stereo, all out performance

    I find my bed sitting room our “life system”. It’s on most of the time as we spend most of our lives in this room. We both listen to it for extended hours of TV, I could listen late into the wee hours for casual laid back Jazz and when I’m involved with my main system my wife is using the A/V...
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    Do I want my every day stereo, all out performance

    Easy for me. I have what would be described as a great casual A/V system in our bed/sitting room that gets used most of the day. Fabulous for TV as well as casual wee hour listening. Main attributes: extended listening without one iota of listening fatigue and extremely natural vocal...
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    Volume and Listening

    I listen at an average usually between 85db - 95db at seated position in a rather small 11’x14’x8’ room. Every once in a while I get carried away and will do 110db+ but not that often. I’ll use well known recorded voices to set max level to where the room starts to overload and then back off a...
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    When do you stop upgrading?

    Just basically bought two systems recently and I’m extremely satisfied. My systems are based on Streaming due to limiting physical disability. The only thing I’m missing is a CD/Sacd player as I have a decent CD and sacd collection with nothing to play them on. I guess it also depends on how...
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    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    ModWright LS100 preamplifier and Alluxity Power One Stereo Amplifier.
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    Alluxity Power One Stereo Amplifier

    I guess if anything I find this amp more musically involving than any I’ve had in well over 50 years now. Makes me smile every day.
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    Alluxity Power One Stereo Amplifier

    I’ve been running seperates since the early 70s after my last receiver based system. At that time someone suggested I look at McIntosh. I went to a dealer and ended up with a 3 way bi amplified Pro JBL/McIntosh club/concert venue type system in an approximately 14’ x 12’ room. Insanity ruled...
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    Alluxity Power One Stereo Amplifier

    As the anchor of my new system I purchased the Alluxity Power One Stereo Amplifier This is of Danish manufacture out of the Vitus family. I’m more than overjoyed with the design, construction and specially the Sound Quality of this unit. This is the best sounding amp that I’ve had driving my...
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    What is the benefit of very expensive DACs?

    I think DAC technology is the one thing that will experience rapid development over the coming years. Right now because of physical disability I use a Dac/Streamer, a Gold Note DS-10 as my sole front end. I’m very happy with the performance and sound quality but can see upgrading as both the...
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    One great attribute of the total combination of my new amplification system can be summed up as “I Can Hear Clearly Now”.
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    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    For the last 20 years or so I ran all SS amplification in my system. . Prior to that I had run all types of combinations from all tubes to tube preamps/SS amps and all SS. I just bought a whole new main system retaining the speakers that I have used steadily for over 40 years now and wanted to...
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    Modern speakers vs Vintage speakers

    Thanks. The xovers remain the same unless failure dictates change.
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    Modern speakers vs Vintage speakers

    I guess since I’m vintage and have used the same speakers in my main systems continuously for over 40 years now for my purposes vintage has got to be my choice.
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    Any Klipschorn owners here?

    khorns are totally rewired with Cardas driver specific wiring. Haven’t touched the x-overs yet but could do so in future. Still very happy with them.
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    Any Klipschorn owners here?

    Been using Klipschorns as my main speakers for over 40 years and love them now more than ever before. Getting fantastic sound.

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