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  1. kach22i

    PFAS - Everything You Wanted To Know

    Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity I read an article several years ago that claimed the reason the FDA recommends so many servings of...
  2. kach22i

    Musical anhedonia

    Musical anhedonia I gotta wonder if there is a word or phrase for someone who derives too much pleasure from music?
  3. kach22i

    Master Reference List of Random "Acoustic Treatments"

    I could have sworn that we had this list going already, maybe it was another forum I don't remember. Was it Random Rooms? Anyway, in lieu of bookmarking my own computer with links to acoustic panels and other room acoustic treatments, I'm starting this thread. One thread we already have of...
  4. kach22i

    Don't know what to make of it

    I guess that I should be upset, but the lower tier is all lit up like Christmas and stole my heart. An art installation?
  5. kach22i

    Movies you can watch with the spouse

    Finding something you both like can be challenging at times. So let's start a list of movies that are date night friendly. Try this one (see below) on Amazon Prime for instance. Satisfies Comedy and Sci-Fi requirements plus it is really good. Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse...
  6. kach22i

    Amazon's "Mozart in the Jungle"

    Amazon's "Mozart in the Jungle" , is changing the way I listen to classical music when it comes on the radio. Nice show to watch with the wife before we go to bed. No violence and head chopping. I checked all 18 pages of this part of the forum and cannot believe nobody has posted about...
  7. kach22i

    Brick and Mortar Stores

    I drove my wife to the eye doctor today, we were very early so looking to burn up some time I asked if it was okay with her if I spent 10 minutes at Almas HiFi in Royal Oak, she said yes but stayed in the car. Lone person running the store named Paul seemed surprised that I didn't know they...
  8. kach22i

    Tube Preamp with tube phono section - tube Q's

    own a tube preamp that I bought used in late 1990's. Have replaced four E88cc (6922) tubes about every 8-years, never replaced the four PC900's in the med/low phono section (that I can recall). The replacement tubes have been two in the main line section, and two in the phono hi-gain section...
  9. kach22i

    Earth's Magnetic North Is (always) Moving

    The map showing the recorded path is rather alarming.
  10. kach22i

    Room dimensions - off the wall

    Item-1 Room dimensions are measured from the surface of a wall, floor and ceiling. However under certain conditions and certain frequencies the room dimensions may seem to be different or react different - as in different lengths. For Instance in my walk-out basement listening room I have on...
  11. kach22i

    Does Vinyl Melt While Playing?

    I found a thread with many links to papers on the topic, thought you all might enjoy if bored one day. I first found the link above in yet another forum that is proving to be quite interesting all on it's own...
  12. kach22i

    Cartridge Standards

    I have not measured it, but suspect Grado wood bodied cartridges are just over 1mm too tall to get proper VTA on the kind of tonearms that come with a table and have no VTA adjustment. What I mean is my old Dual always had my Grado Sonata almost but not quite parallel to the record, sort of...
  13. kach22i

    Mold - on LP covers

    I plan on cleaning all of my records with No. 6 enzyme and replace the sleeves of anything I clean. However that leaves the original cardboard covers. At random I picked out an LP that I do not know how I got, I never bought it. Carole King's debut album "Writer", it looked to be in great...
  14. kach22i

    Cartridge screws, nuts and washers

    I have a linear tonearm on my Pioneer PL-L1000 which is supposed to come with a small and large counterweight. I only have the large heavy weight. The first cartridge I tried was only 1-gram above minimum weight and had the large counterweight squeezing the base. Not to my liking. My second...
  15. kach22i

    Dirty old subwoofer molests two turntables with rumble

    I was going a bit nutty trying to trace the origins of a rumble problem that came out of nowhere. The rumble coming out of the subwoofer only happened on two different albums, one side of each LP only, and the first song only. I switched out my belt drive table with a spare direct drive table...
  16. kach22i

    The big lie - Dispersion Horizontal: 30 Degrees Dispersion Horizontal: 30 Degrees............what exactly does that mean? Polar radiation pattern lobes on the M/L hybrids at let's say 400Hz to 500Hz are 3D pear or strawberry shaped...
  17. kach22i

    Run length

    Last week I thought that I would be in a position of replacing my 25 foot run of Nordost Blue Heaven speaker wire with a 6 foot run of Blue Jeans or equal. Any guesses of how that would have played out? Speakers: Martin Logan - Aerius Amp: Rotel 100 watt Small listening room.
  18. kach22i

    Gayle Sanders is making boxes - gone to the dark side? At least it has a ribbon tweeter, and they are cutting edge looking. Similar path as JansZen when going to the box? I get this same feeling when a tube amp manufacturer starts introducing solid state models. :oops:
  19. kach22i

    kach22i's system

    I'm still making changes but have it sort of figured out (Back in the Saddle Again - Kind of). Moved after 27 years into a little house on the river (built 1947) with a finished walk-out basement, concrete floor at last. After watching several Dennis Foley (Acoustic Fields) and many other...
  20. kach22i

    Back in the saddle again - kind of

    After almost 5 years of not playing my stereo regularly I hooked my stereo back up yesterday - it was like kissing an old girlfriend. Long story, but I decided to get into physical shape about 10 years ago. 4 years of mostly watching what I eat and increasing activity including experimenting...
  21. kach22i

    Phenolic Resin (Lab Top) Audio Rack Shelves?

    I once made an audio rack out of salvaged maple butcher block for shelves and small aluminum I-beams vertical posts. Problem is the old maple started to split because of past improper storage. I need to rebuild the rack with new wood or use a different material. I was thinking of trying...
  22. kach22i

    McIntosh MCD600 SACD/CD Player | Review

    This review is shy on superlatives, but runs down the convenience factor for those living with multi-media formats. McIntosh MCD600 SACD/CD Player | Review My first time reading this person's reviews.
  23. kach22i

    FYI closed - Jerry Raskin’s Needle Doctor

    Closed back in November 2019. Needle Doctor closes up shop I checked and is not working for me today. The Needle Doctor is out: Turntable specialist Jerry Raskin shutters his 40-year-old business...
  24. kach22i

    An argument for NOT spiking speakers to floor

    This goes against everything I've ever experienced, but here it is. Does it make any sense to you? Alsyvox Anything is possible in theory, but then you have to prove it with experiments, right?
  25. kach22i

    JBL L212 Loudspeakers

    I happened to stumble upon an image of JBL L212's on the Internet and was smitten with them. Some owner reviews in link below are very flattering to say the least.
  26. kach22i

    The Search For A Simple Solution With Paper Thin Walls

    The Search For A Simple Solution With Paper Thin Walls Having lived in a plaster and wood lath walled house for the past 27 years that was built in the early 1900's I forgot how terrible typical stud walls with drywall are - acoustically speaking that is. Our new house (built in 1947) had the...
  27. kach22i

    Blomley amplifier - Class B - Passes Mom Test

    Has anyone here heard or built a Blomley amplifier? Author of article describes how his mom sat down and listened without having the urge to talk over it. Quite the boast. All About Circuits 114 TECHNICAL ARTICLE My 40-Year Love Affair with a Remarkable Amplifier—A Class B Amplifier for...
  28. kach22i


    Synesthesia We are all sick in the head - haha. Edit: First found definition via the article below.
  29. kach22i

    Rocks in my head

    In another thread I looked up a manufacture someone mentioned and this is the first image that came up. I've been working all day and I'm a bit fatigued so I feel like I have rocks in my head. What's with the rocks in the picture though? Is this an active "Art" exhibit, or is there a new...
  30. kach22i

    Old Mac CD player - Fix it or toss it?

    The dang CD drawer has a mind of it's own, it keeps pulling in as I go to place a CD on the tray. I had this problem fixed twice by the local shop over the years but it never seems to last long. MCD-7009, not really going to toss it, but want to get it fixed and gone over properly once my move...

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