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    Telefunken NOS 6922 tubes are they worth the Money?

    Hello, I'm planning to change the 6992 on my sonic frontiers SFL-1 preamp and I came across the Telefunken NOS made in Germany in the 60's with is pretty expensive if you compare it to the new ones, about $300!! Is it worth the difference? By the way my goal is to get more mid and highs from...
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    New to DSD

    Hello, I'm completely new to DSD. I have an Audiolab M. DAC, so I never use DSD files or DSD DAC before. I want to try the Exasound e22. I don't have any DSD files yet, so I wanted to know if this DSD DAC will improve AIFF files (non DSD files). Will it sound better? Thank you.
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    USB Hub?

    Hello, Does anybody knows something about this unit?: SCHIIT WYRD USB DECRAPIFIER. Thank you, Henry.
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    From Chinese to German Elrog tubes

    Hello, I have a question, my amp. have Chinese tubes, can I improve quality sound with more expensive (better quality tubes) like the German Elrog ones? Thank you.

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