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    Miyajima Labs Cartridges

    Interesting thread....I bought a Zero having heard one at Tom's a number of years ago and still rate it as an outstanding cartridge. I heard his Shilabe at the time with various SUTs (which sounded great) and following this I bought a Kansui for stereo. I couldn't ever get this to sound 'right'...
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    Trumpet videos

    I have always found Hakan Hardenberger's performances extremely compelling and although a bit niche his C19 project of performing one of Charlier's studies each week very inspiring... Håkan Hardenberger // Théo Charlier's 36 Études ... - YouTube
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    Looking for advice on phonostages

    I hadn't realised yours wasn't manufactured by Art Audio UK...the relationship between Art Audio and the US distributor changed some years ago, and I see from your posts on Audiogon comment from the new US distributor.... 'The Vinyl One was made by K&K in the US more than 10 years ago to keep...
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    Looking for advice on phonostages

    So you purchased yours from Kevin at Definitive? Kevin has modified many products over the years, and voiced them to suit, I am sure he will have done a great job. The original product is a Tom Willis design (Art Audio) and IMO the yellow Hovlands that he originally put in there are pretty...
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    Looking for advice on phonostages

    I have one of these too and find it a great phono. What type of caps do you have and are you still using the stock valves? I found rolling the 83s to Mullard (warmer 3D) or Telefunken (neutral and detailed) makes a lot of difference...
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    Thomas Schick tonearm

    Just reading through some of the information on here... I seem to have had a different experience to others regarding these....and still have a Schick which I find it very nicely made and sounding. I find it more medium mass and therefore flexible with a large variety of cartridges. I think I...
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    Mono Cartridge Suggestions

    I've had a Miyajima Zero 0.7mm a number of years and it's great. The 0.7mm is more suitable for later and repressing of mono LPs (the 1mm and 3mm for older types) The lack of vertical compliance with a true mono cartridge makes a surprising difference as it removes the hash and crud noise from...

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