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    Linda Ronstadt's "Lose Again"

    The song's composer, Karla Bonoff, has a very beautiful version of it on her debut album from 1977. Although she does not have the vocal power of Linda (who does?), Karla's version is very much first-rate. Linda recorded several of Karla's songs over the years. Karla lives in Santa Barbara...
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    Is there a match between Magico Speakers ( particularly M6 ) and Tube Amps?.

    I had VAC 450 monoblocks that I used with Magico Q5's, which present a more challenging load then the M6. In a 30" x 16' x 9' room, at 90+ dB volumes, the amps could run out of headroom and lose their high frequency smoothness. I also heard the first version of the D'Agostino monoblocks have...
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    I think that Sony's only other OLED TV prior to 2017 was an 11" model back in about 2008.
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    I was able to buy the 77" Sony OLED from a local dealer for less than I could get the latest 77" LG from one of the online vendors. Not sure how it worked out that way, but it did. I traded having to pay sales tax for the peace of mind of having the dealer less than 10 miles from me, if there...
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    I did not notice the motion issue at all on the Kuro. As is typical with any new TV technology, we need for the available content to catch up. Pretty limited 4k content at this point.
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    I have had the Sony 77" OLED for a few months now, and it has been problem-free. It replaced a 60" Pioneer Kuro plasma that I had had for 9 years. The OLED is definitely brighter, and works much better in a room where the lighting cannot be controlled. There is a little motion artifact on...
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    Audio shops in Southeast Asia

    My wife and I will be spending about 3 weeks in Southeast Asia starting in mid-November. I am in need of a new cartridge for my Walker turntable. Given that many high-end cartridges are made in Asia, I am thinking about trying to buy one while we are on the trip. We will be visiting...
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    Anyone been to Botswana?

    There likewise is no photoshopping of the lions. These are 2 young boys who do not have much reason to fight yet. They will get scars as they get older. You can get quite close to the animals in most of Botswana, because you do not have to stay on the roads in the private concessions. For...
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    Anyone been to Botswana?

    There is no photoshopping of these cheetahs. Cheetahs do not seem to have nearly as many battle scars as the lions have. I do not think that they mix it up with each other to the same degree. They tend to run away from trouble. I have another 20 images or so of these 4 cheetahs that do not...
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    Anyone been to Botswana?

    One more Botswana image Here is another one that everyone likes. I have had the image put on a canvas up to 24" x 36", and it is more impressive the larger the image.
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    Anyone been to Botswana?

    More Botswana photos These photos were taken on a 12 day safari to Botswana in February 2015. It is more work to track down the animals when water is plentiful from the Delta and from rain, but, being the lower season for number of visitors, the cost is much less per day.
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    My Spectral journey

    I have Q5's that have replaced Avalon Eidolons. They are incredibly hungry for power. When I heard the Q5's initially, they were paired with the D'Agostino mono amplifiers, and they seemed to run out of dynamic headroom when played at high volumes with orchestral music. I wonder if the...
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    Burmester and Magico

    Thought I would give some follow-up. I opted for a pair of VAC Statement 450's for my Q5s. They have plenty of dynamic headroom and never sound under siege even at pretty loud levels. They do generate some heat, but nothing that will be a problem in the Seattle climate.
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    What is the process for getting a piece of Spectral gear serviced?

    It is possible to deal with the folks at Spectral directly. Since the dealer that I bought the products from stopped carrying Spectral, and there is no local dealer within close to 1000 miles from me, I just called them up, spoke to a M. Ellner (I don't remember his first name, but he is listed...
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    Burmester and Magico

    I have no access to BALabo. The higher power VTL's are space heaters, have a lot of tubes, and do not have the greatest track record for reliability, so I would not likely consider them. I was an early adopter of VTL 300 's back in 1988, and even then, their reliability was not great. Is...
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    Burmester and Magico

    I raised the question because I heard the Q5s a few weeks ago with the D'Agostino monoblocks, and it seemed like they ran out of headroom on the macrodynamic side of large scale orchestral works. The room was about 25' x 18' and moderately treated. I would not have expected that dynamic...
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    Burmester and Magico

    Does anyone have experience using Burmester electronics with Magico speakers, specifically the Q5s? It would seem to be potentially a good match, but I have not seen anything on any of the online forums or magazines discussing this combination.

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