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  1. Arcadia Audio

    Aqua LinQ Core Module

    We would like to make an important announcement about the new LinQ Core module, HQPlayer-based. This module has been designed as an Audio Engine for Roon with zero-setup, ready to use immediately. The Core exploits the new i.MX8 micro (ARM 64bit), with its incredible performance, low‑latency...
  2. Arcadia Audio

    Aqua La Scala MKII Optologic Dac Owner Testimonial

    Please find a wonderful and very detailed testimonial we recently received from a very happy Aqua La Scala owner.... Aqua La Scala MKII Optologic Dac Review and overall results following 4+ months of intense listening Contextual Notes – About the DAC: • I did own many high-quality DACs in...
  3. Arcadia Audio

    Aqua Formula xHD Rev. 2 receives a 2020 Brutus Award from Positive Feedback

    We are thrilled to have our Aqua Formula xHD Rev. 2 DAC receive a 2020 Brutus Award from Positive Feedback. "I was taken by its sense of presence, its presentation of detail without being "analytical" or cold, and its ability to handle huge swings in dynamics. The no filtering/no oversampling...
  4. Arcadia Audio

    The sweet spot in the Aqua DAC lineup

    Not a new review, but worthy of a second read. “And that’s where the La Scala comes in, giving away very little, costing less and possessing of that midrange magic that only tubes seem to bring.” Christiaan Punter HFA Aqua La Scala MKII review
  5. Arcadia Audio

    New review of the Aqua LinQ from hi-fi news

    A new review of the Aqua LinQ from hi-fi news. Every single detail of the mix is delivered through the Aqua LinQ into whichever DAC you choose to use with it, and it’s a sound you’ll find yourself listening to repeatedly, just to hear those little nuances in Dylan’s near-spoken vocals.' Andrew...
  6. Arcadia Audio

    Aqua LinQ pictures

    A few pictures of the new Aqua LinQ Network Interface.

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