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  1. Republicoftexas69

    New Sonner Audio Legato Unum Monitors: Love them missed having 2 way stand mounts.

    Just picked up a set of Sonner Audio Legato Unum with the factory stands and I really can not say enough good things about these monitors. Really missed having a 2 way stand mount in my system and the detail is just awesome. They are a great addition and the synergy with my Qualiton X200 is...
  2. Republicoftexas69

    Single Driver Thoughts?

    Thinking about trying to audition in my home some single driver speakers, Cube, Omega, Zu. Am I missing anyone I should consider? Would be driven by an Audio Hungary Qualiton X200, I have QLN Sonora and Raven Audio CeLest Towers now. room in 14x16 with 12 foot ceiling and has acoustic...
  3. Republicoftexas69

    Anyone have the Lab12 dac1 Reference R2R Tube DAC in their system?

    Looking for feedback on this DAC if anyone has or had this in their system. Lab12 dac1 Reference R2R Tube DAC

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