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  1. sbnx

    Music start delay on Reference DAC

    Hello everyone, Recently got the reference DAC and using the ProUSB interface. When using Roon from my music server (Antipodes K50) there is a delay to the start of the music where the first note or two or three from the song does not play. I do not have this issue with the Diamond V or the...
  2. sbnx

    USB for ProUSB

    Hello all, I am wondering if those of you who have used the ProUSB input on MSB DACs have feedback on the relative importance of the usb cable that feeds the usb to ISL module. Has anyone compared various USB cables? Of course I am not speaking of printer cables but rather good usb vs the...
  3. sbnx

    Vivid G1's discontinued

    I was visiting the Vivid web site and noticed they appear to have discontinued the G1 series 2's. Anyone with info on this? Are they just wanting people to jump from G2 to Spirit or perhaps they are doing a resign of the G1's. Maybe they will add that midbass driver that is in the spirit to...
  4. sbnx

    New AlexxV

    I got my digital TAS today.
  5. sbnx

    Todd's Music

    All, I thought I would start a thread where I could post some of the music I have come across that I like. I have a broad taste in music. Some of it is not really what would be considered audiophile but still great. I will likely post on some albums that have been in my collection a while...
  6. sbnx

    Soothing the audiophile itch in 2021

    Happy holidays everyone. The audiophile itch can be strong. Some of us were not very nice in 2020 so Santa may not be dropping off any cables, speakers or amps under the tree. I am curious what you all are thinking of upgrading or changing in 2021. Surely there must be something. For me, I...
  7. sbnx

    Help with floor bounce diffuser

    Hello everyone. I am hoping to leverage the collective knowledge of the group. I have seen the floor diffuser shown in the attached picture in several system setup picture but I don't knw who makes it or how to obtain it. I guess I could build it but would rather not. Does anyone know...
  8. sbnx

    Cartridge Question

    I have a super dumb question. How long does a cartridge last? Assuming a perfect setup and everything stays maintained. Does it depend on the type of cart or stylus? Thanks.
  9. sbnx

    Analog, Digital and all that

    Hello everyone, There are a couple of threads that I probably could post this in but though it should likely be it's own. The two related thread are State-of-the-Art Digital and What does it mean when people describe Digital as Sounding like "Analog"? Best term?. First off I do not own a...
  10. sbnx

    System Setup CD

    Hello fellow audiophiliacs. If you are like me then you have a bunch of the so called setup CD's (Stereophile, XLO, Nordost, Chesky, …). These are all good and most of the time I reach for the Nordost one for the LEDR tests. I wanted to share a setup CD I ran across a few weeks ago. It is the...
  11. sbnx

    Mephisto bottom end

    Hello all, I just received the massive Gryphon Mephisto. Before it's arrived I knew I wanted to place it on the Artesania Aire amp stand. There had been some comments about bolt heads and what not on the bottom. I was concerned about where the Artesania footers would go so I went looking for...
  12. sbnx

    Case Study in Very Small Room Acoustics

    I thought I would post this to encourage anyone who only has a small room (perhaps a second bedroom) for a hifi system. It is possible to get really good sound in a small room. This past weekend I set up a system for a person in a room that was 11'X10'X9'. Not exactly a cube but pretty close...
  13. sbnx

    Getting in the Spirit(s)

    The big boxes possessed with spirits have arrived on Halloween. How appropriate. Going to replace my G1's. Can't wait to get them unboxed and running. Will report on my observations. I am hoping Rodney was right on with what he reported. No reason to believe he wasn't as he was a great...
  14. sbnx

    importance of a reference

    I have been an audiophile for quite some time. One of the things I have come to realize is the importance that a "gold standard" or reference of sound is hugely important. How do you know what is possible with two speakers and good electronics if you have never heard it? It seems that a lot...
  15. sbnx

    Ceiling Clouds (For Tom treitz3 and others)

    Hello all, I met Tom at LSAF this year. (I was the OCD person with the blanket stuck to the door with magnets to suppress the first reflection point.). We had a discussion about ceiling clouds and their effectiveness. He asked how I knew what they did and I didn't have a good answer since I...
  16. sbnx

    free tact

    All, not sure where to post this where anyone interested might see it. I have a Tact RCS 2.0S (with upgraded power supply) sitting in a box. I have not used it for many, many years. The software CD is broken. Before I throw it in the trash I thought I would see if anyone wants it for parts...
  17. sbnx

    Subwoofers Compared

    Hello, I was looking to purchase a couple of subwoofers and started doing some research. One interesting thing is that there are a lot of small companies that are making really great subwoofers. But a straight-up google search won't reveal many of these. Most of them I stumbled on while...
  18. sbnx

    Typhon QR

    Anyone know anything about the new "QR" version of the typhon? It has been on the website for a while but it just says "coming soon". If I had to guess it will have 3 of the big tubes in it with one being for ground. But I could be wrong.
  19. sbnx

    Tweaks: insanity or not

    I thought I would open this discussion and see what you all think. "tweaks" are always what seem to be on the frontline of audio-nervosa. Some people think they are utter nonsense and others swear by them. If I think back there was a time when even audiophiles were skeptical about signal...
  20. sbnx

    How to siff out 140 Hz Resonance

    All, during room measurements you can see a nasty ~140 Hz resonance. Is there a good tool to use for this? I have walked around the room and can't really hear it as it emerges from the background 10 dB down. I have tried holding several things in the room with my hands with no effect. I was...
  21. sbnx

    Shunyata Ground Cables

    Hello everyone. I am seeking information on the Shunyata Grounding cables that you would connect to the back of the Triton v3. I inquired on their website several days ago without any response so I thought I would see what the "body of knowledge" has to say. I contacted my dealer and wanted...
  22. sbnx

    Awesome Book on DSP "Room Correction"

    Hello all, Just starting my journey down the rabit hole of DSP and have been doing a lot of reading and ran across this book published in 2016. Maybe someone has posted about this before not sure but for anyone wanting to understand more about DSP this is it. Kindle version "Accurate Sound...

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