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  1. Duke LeJeune

    2-Channel Subwoofer Integration

    The ears cannot detect the presence of bass energy from less than one wavelength, and cannot detect the pitch of bass energy before hearing several wavelengths. So the perceived onset of transients is not a subwoofer frequency phenomenon; it happens much further up the spectrum. To put it...
  2. Duke LeJeune

    Speaker Recommendation up to 70K

    Emerald, if you haven't seen it yet, here is a video tour of the 2019 Munich show, which I believe was recorded by Bonzo. No Zellaton, unfortunately, but Vivid and Marten and Wilson and Goebbel and Kharma. Edit: That should be "Bonzo75". Not that other Bonzo.
  3. Duke LeJeune

    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    When you can hear the acoustics change from one recording to the next, the speaker+ room combination is allowing the venue cues on the recording to dominate over the "small room signature" cues of the playback room, something easier said than done. I tip my virtual hat to John DeVore. Arguably...
  4. Duke LeJeune

    The AudioKinesis Bohemian 215 design notes (more teaser content)

    We have no plans to show in Munich, unfortunately.
  5. Duke LeJeune

    What's best in highly sensitive/efficient speakers.

    "Ferrite magnet" = "Ceramic magnet". I think so, though it's possible that Coherent Audio has their own custom version. That would be my guess. I think it was called the "Lumina". Thank you very much! We're excited about it too, but unfortunately the Bohemian 215 will inevitably be...
  6. Duke LeJeune

    What's best in highly sensitive/efficient speakers.

    Disclaimer: I'm a speaker manufacturer. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt. Eyeballing John Atkinson's measurements, the impedance curve of the Volti Rival does not look particularly SET-friendly to me. The minimum is 3.3 ohms, and there is a more-than-20-ohm peak around 3kHz...
  7. Duke LeJeune

    SET amp owners thread

    I'm a recipient of one of those semi-production pairs, which has since been forwarded to the next person (who told me that he is buying the pair). In my opinion this new Class D amp sounds like Ralph's OTL amps. The difference is, the way it interacts with a loudspeaker's impedance curve is...
  8. Duke LeJeune

    “You Are There” Absolute Sound: Can We Get There From Here? Part IV

    Imo Harman's study of the relationship between loudspeaker preference and objective measurements is superb for what it does, but there are things which it does not do, such as: - The single speakers auditions were conducted with the speaker located along the centerline of a 22-foot wide room...
  9. Duke LeJeune

    SET amp owners thread

    The more important consideration is that information be presented in a way which is USEFUL to the end user. The convention of expressing efficiency in decibels at one meter for a 1 watt input, and sensitivity in decibels at one meter for a 2.83 volt input, provides ALL of the relevant...
  10. Duke LeJeune

    SET amp owners thread

    The following is just my opinion. It is nasty impedance curves and low efficiency which make life difficult for low-powered amps, rather than the crossover parts count in and of itself. The amplifier sees the load, not the number of crossover parts, and in some cases additional crossover parts...
  11. Duke LeJeune

    Ron's Speaker, Turntable, Power and Room Treatment Upgrades

    Not having heard the Pendragons, this is what comes to mind: There are of course competing schools of thought in loudspeaker design, and the fullest expressions of these competing schools of thought show up in the top models from those few companies which create genuine engineering-department...
  12. Duke LeJeune

    SET amp owners thread

    Excellent question! The following is my understanding, and I DO NOT claim it to be a complete understanding of the subject, but several paragraphs in we will encounter a factor which often gets ignored: If we go from one driver to two, wired in parallel, assuming a voltage-paradigm amp, we get...
  13. Duke LeJeune

    State of the Art Bookshelf/Standmount Speakers

    Would these speakers be going on dedicated stands, or would they be sitting on a shelf of some kind? Up against the wall, or out in the room somewhat? Do you have an idea of what ballpark dimensions would be practical? Is the top priority "best possible sound throughout the room", or "best...
  14. Duke LeJeune

    Trying the ZR Acoustics Panels

    Notice that I made no attempt to explain what might be happening in terms that DHDI uses. I started out with this question in mind: "IF this geometry DOES have a significant beneficial effect, how MIGHT that happen?" Chances are I am wrong of course.
  15. Duke LeJeune

    Trying the ZR Acoustics Panels

    Not that I have a dog in the fight, but imo one way the DHDI panels MIGHT work is by de-correlating the back-and-forth movements of the air molecules which normally oscillate in unison to create the compressions and rarefactions that make up a sound wave. I'm not acoustician enough to think...
  16. Duke LeJeune

    Full range speakers or not and how loud

    OSHA noise standards are designed to leave you with enough residual hearing to understand speech when you retire. They consider hearing out to 4 kHz plenty good enough. Also susceptibility to hearing loss from noise exposure varies greatly from one individual to another, so don't trust that...
  17. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    I'll shoot you a private message later. Family over for a visit in a few minutes.
  18. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    Hey with totally different systems in totally different rooms we came to similar conclusions only about an octave apart. I can live with that! My subs are deliberately designed to work well up to 80 Hz (they have exceptionally powerful motors for 10" subwoofers which imo helps), but then I...
  19. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    Thank you, and excellent question. Bass trapping tends to be far more effective at upper bass wavelengths than at typical subwoofer-region wavelengths. The more reflective (less "leaky") a room is at very low frequencies, the less energy needed from the subwoofers down there in order to end up...
  20. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    Did you get to try a Bohne system in your room? If so, can you describe your experience? I recall that they really impressed you in Munich.
  21. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    We have similar but not identical approaches. I also prefer that the mains receive a full-range signal, as otherwise I'd have to put something in their signal path to roll off their bottom end, which I'd rather not do. I prefer the mains to naturally roll off between 60 and 80 Hz, as imo the...
  22. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    Since the topic of subwoofers and dipoles and speed has come up, I hope you all don't mind if I share some alternative views. Consider this to be opinion, and take it with a grain of salt because I'm commercially invested in these ideas. TLDR version: Dipoles sound faster in the bass region...
  23. Duke LeJeune

    T.H.E. Show 2021 -- The Video Interviews

    T.H.E Show ticket sales surpassed both 2019 and 2018! Imo THAT is a very good omen!! And I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED your interviews - you picked three EXTREMELY interesting speakers to delve into, speakers that I am very glad to have learned more about. That MC Audiotech Forty-Ten has a lot of...
  24. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    Thanks for the welcome! I probably should have joined in earlier (and did post about the SoundLab "Sallies" in post number 491), but I was seeing the word "dipole" and failing to focus on the actual set of results you were looking for. By the way once upon a time I was on my way to becoming a...
  25. Duke LeJeune

    The best Dipoles, Dipoles that can do bass?

    So if I understand correctly, you still have the Stellas... ? And the Stellas + your four big Velodyne subs easily have all the dynamic capability and low-end extension you need, BUT you'd like to ALSO have the added space, ambience, three dimensionality, and immersion that a good set of...
  26. Duke LeJeune

    Alsyvox planars...prepare to sell your Magico's, YG's, Wilson's, Cessaro's. Maggie's, and all others!!

    I didn't think you were anywhere close to being overly promotional. Dave YOU in particular are always extremely low-key about your products, in my experience. In this day and age of high-end home audio as a small (and shrinking) hobby, it is virtually inevitable that anyone commercially...
  27. Duke LeJeune

    Alsyvox planars...prepare to sell your Magico's, YG's, Wilson's, Cessaro's. Maggie's, and all others!!

    Actually imo the idea applies throughout the signal chain - good sound at a show probably isn't a fluke, but bad sound at a show isn't necessarily representative of a given component in that chain. However the speakers are usually front-and-center in most people's minds, so they tend to get...
  28. Duke LeJeune

    Alsyvox planars...prepare to sell your Magico's, YG's, Wilson's, Cessaro's. Maggie's, and all others!!

    My understanding is that the Boticelli's were driven by Vitus amps which were switchable between 50 watts in Class A mode, or 150 watts in Class AB. So you might have been hearing the amplifiers running out of gas, rather than the speakers, especially if the amps were in their 50-watt mode, OR...
  29. Duke LeJeune

    What Speakers SOUND GREAT with Moderate-Powered Tube Amps (27 -85 WPC)? SET or Push -Pull is fine! What are those Speaker Designers doing differently?

    The short answer is, unfortunately it's not that simple. The effective electrical Q, or Qes, of a woofer is modified by not only the amplifier's output impedance, but also by the series resistance of everything in between the amp and the woofer (wires and crossover). Add up the amp's output...

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