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  1. pcosta

    Ortofon SPU Century

    It is now available. Anyone know the price. I like the fact they have gone back to a 2 ohm internal impedance coil. Anyone interested besides me?
  2. pcosta

    FS: SMARTractor alignment tool.

    For sale a SMARTractor alignment tool. Used only a few times since I sprung for their pro tool, so no need for two alignment tools. It is currently at my friends house in Michigan so it will be shipped from there. As good as new. With original box, manual and all accessories. $450 plus...
  3. pcosta

    Any Lamm ML 2.2 owners with non Lamm pre?

    I may have a chance to buy a used pair of Lamm ML 2.2 from a friend. Years ago I had the Lamm ML1 amp and thought they were great with good reliability other than having to change the big tube sockets once before I moved to a different amp. I still have have my Tron Syren preamp that I would...
  4. pcosta

    Sme limited acquires the garrard audio brand
  5. pcosta

    Mono Hum

    I bought a Ortofon Cadenza Mono cartridge used a few months back and used it off and on by swapping in and out of my SME 3012R tonearm. Initially everything was quiet and sounding good. Swapped out the cart for another then put the Ortofon back in yesterday and I now have a hum. I tried...
  6. pcosta

    Tweaking, modifying or updating a phonostage

    I recently bought a phonostage and I was considering updating some of the caps and resistors in the signal path. A tech would do all the work, and a friend that has the same phonostage has already done these mods. They mods mainly consist of Mundorf silver caps and Vishay resistors. Anyone...
  7. pcosta

    New German 285,000 Euro turntable. Any takers?

    Looks and sounds very impressive according to their published specs.
  8. pcosta

    TZAR DST Cartridge, Neumann copy

    Anyone heard this new TZAR DST Russian made copy of a Neumann DST cartridge. Jeff at High Water Sound is listening to one now Also Robyatt Audio used one recently at...
  9. pcosta

    Cables Which is better? Long interconnects or speaker wire

    I want to move my rack from between my speakers off to the side wall of my room. Now I would like reasons for using long interconnects over long speaker wire or vice versa. I have a 12 watt 211 amp and my preamp and amp use RCA connections. The builder/designer of my amp says long speaker...
  10. pcosta

    Thomas Mayer LCR Phono Stage

    I anyone here familiar with this phono stage or has heard it. It looks like all his products are essentially "bespoke" or made to order.
  11. pcosta

    Spiral Groove Centroid Universal

    Anyone using or seen the Universal Centroid tonearm on a turntable other than Spiral Groove's. Any opinions. Any opinions on the arm itself. Either on a Spiral Groove table or not. What does it compare to. What cartridges have you used with it.
  12. pcosta

    Wanted Ultimate Audio Magazine article from issue Summer 2000

    Hello I am searching for a review of the Expressive Technologies Model 1 Preamp. It was reviewed by Ultimate Audio in the Summer 2000 issue. If anyone has a copy of this mag and would be kind enough to scan a copy of the review or I can buy the mag from you I would greatly appreciate it...
  13. pcosta

    Kondo IO-M

    Any fans of this cartridge. I already have their step-up which apparently is necessary to get the best sound from it. What tonearms have you heard it sound best with.
  14. pcosta

    MGE Ultra-Isolation Noise Transformer, 5 KVA MODEL 91005-31T

    I am considering getting one of these MGE Ultra-Isolation Noise Transformer, 5 KVA. I would have it wired 240V in and 120V out. Anyone with experience with one of these or something similar. What would be the positives or negatives of such and transformer.
  15. pcosta

    DC offset, anyone know how to address this issue

    I have what is commonly termed DC offset and it causes the transformer on my amp to physically hum. It doesn't hum through the speakers, very quiet otherwise. I was told an isolation tranformer would eliminate the problem. I borrowed an Equitech 2Q and it did nothing to quiet the transformer...
  16. pcosta

    NOS 211 Sources

    Does anyone here know of a reliable source for NOS 211 tubes. I now have a Tron Telstar 211 amp. It was supplied with the GE 211(VT4-C) and I could not be happier. But one of these days I will need new tubes. Anyone familiar with the GE's compared to the RCA 211.
  17. pcosta

    Hello I'm Pcosta

    Hello I was invited here and it looks like a cool forum. I usually post on Audiogon and Audio Asylum on an ocassional basis, this should be another regular forum for me to check out. Paul

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