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    Rhapsody.Audio Listening Rooms

    Rhapsody.Audio- Listening Rooms (RLRs) Rhapsody.Audio would like to announce that within the next 3-4 months there will be multiple new locations where several of the product lines that Rhapsody.Audio represents will be available to audition via Rhapsody.Audio Listening Rooms (RLRs)...
  2. Rhapsody

    Are you sure it sounds like that?,at%20as%20we%20hear%20sounds
  3. Rhapsody

    I'm a bit sick about this.....Marja and Henk They were as one. They visited me in Manhattan around 20 years ago. We had a mutual admiration at the time for Avantgarde speakers. They were two of the nicest and coolest human...
  4. Rhapsody

    Pilium Elektra DAC arrives at Rhapsody

    Pilium 66lb Elektra DAC now available for demo at Rhapsody. (Retail is $39,900) Sonically the Elektra seems like a bargain at this price.
  5. Rhapsody

    Magico M9 >>>>Fulfillment

  6. Rhapsody

    Magico A5s arrive at Rhapsody....color me confused;)

    Magico A5's arrive at Rhapsody.Audio - With 8 hours of playing time out of the box and a price of $21,800, they are the most resolving speaker that I have ever heard. I am still trying to comprehend what I am hearing from a speaker at this price.....color me happily confused.
  7. Rhapsody

    Latest speaker offerings at Rhapsody.Audio

    BAYZ AUDIO Counterpoint Diesis Audio Roma Triode Magico M2 Bayz Audio Courante Alsyvox Botticelli X
  8. Rhapsody

    Diesis tube mono amplifiers in the works, PURE ITALIAN.
  9. Rhapsody

    Bayz Audio Counterpoint 2.0 >>>>Rhapsody.Audio

    I have had a few people on the forum who have asked in the past when the Bayz Audio Counterpoint 2.0's would be arriving. They have arrived. Normally the Bayz speakers take a few days to actually lose a static discharge from the styrofoam in the shipping containers, but right out of the box...
  10. Rhapsody

    Magico A5 official announcement

    Rhapsody has a pair of A5's on order and will have them available for demo some time in Q1 of 2020. Hayward, CA (USA) – December 6, 2019 – The largest and most advanced of Magico’s A Series, the A5 incorporates the company’s first 5-inch pure midrange driver as well as enhanced midrange and...
  11. Rhapsody

    Bayz Audio 2.0 Announcement

    Greetings, Rhapsody is proud to announce that we now have the Bayz Audio 2.0 Couante speakers available for demonstration in our Manhattan studio. We also have the Counterpoint model from Bayz Audio arriving in January. The Bayz Audio 2.0 Announcement is shown below...
  12. Rhapsody

    Alsyvox Botticelli at RMAF

    Alsyvox is pleased to announce our presence at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 in Denver from September 5th (first daytrade only) to 8th. We would like to welcome you to our room Red Rock 5 where we will be playing with our full-range ribbon planar loudspeakers Botticelli X, upgraded version of...
  13. Rhapsody

    Rhapsody.Audio's new Website by Julian Hoyes

    Rhapsody.Audio's new website went live today. Everyone is cordially invited to visit the new site. The site was designed and built by Julian Hoyes. Julian also did the site design and construction for the Techdas, Lamm, WBF, sites as well as Stever's Center Stage...
  14. Rhapsody

    Alsyvox Tintoretto @ Rhapsody.Audio

    Greetings, Rhapsody.Audio now has the Alsyvox Tintoretto available for demonstration. The first video was taken with the Tintorettos 2 hours out of their flight cases. Alsyvox breaks the speakers in so when they arrive other than some climate acclimation they are "ready to go". Here's a...
  15. Rhapsody

    Pilium Audio arrives at Rhapsody.Audio

    Rhapsody.Audio welcomes Pilium Audio (Greece) to Manhattan. Yesterday we recevied the Alexander two chassis preamp (center), the Achilles stereo amplifier (right and 120Kg!) as well as the Leonidas 200 Watt integrated, a light 98Kg:) Even out of their flight cases the...
  16. Rhapsody

    Kondo Ongaku......from the past

  17. Rhapsody

    VYGER now available in the US

    Greetings, Rhapsody Music and Cinema, located in Manhattan, is proud to announce that we will be representing VYGER in the US. We currently have an Atlantis Generation IV on order, expecting arrival in a few months. Not sure what cartridge we will mount for openers...
  18. Rhapsody

    Detlof von Oertzen

    I am posting this as Ked and I have emailed back and forth a few times both wondering how Detlof was doing. We both had been emailing him with no response. Many of you know him from either visiting him or communicating with him here on WBF. Detlof had been struggling with illness for the last...
  19. Rhapsody

    Magico A3 commentary
  20. Rhapsody

    Fun comparison.....

    We took in a pair of Wilson Alexandria X2's in trade and set them up literally, just for the experience. Have been listening back and forth between the X2's, Magico M3's, Goldmund Satya and Kaiser Kaweros over the last week. I don't really have a favorite, each speaker has it's +'s/-s, but I...
  21. Rhapsody

    Rhapsody ----> Goldmund New York

    Greetings, Rhapsody is going to be doing a build-out of our existing space in Manhattan which will become Goldmund New York. We just opened up the first Goldmund only store in West Palm Beach. The NYC location will be the second location for a Goldmund only store and will have a theater as...
  22. Rhapsody

    HiFi+ MAGICO M3 Review
  23. Rhapsody

    Goldmund Satya Installation - Fresno, CA

    Goldmund Satya/ Aurender W20 installation in Fresno, Ca. Wall treatments still need to be installed.
  24. Rhapsody

    Goldmund Apologue installation just completed on Long Island, NY This particular customer has "special requirements" with regards to hearing in a large space. He needs and prefers the space of the installation, which he has been using for 20 years as his listening space/room. This space in his...
  25. Rhapsody

    Kondo Kagura review and Kondo Kagura/Magico M3 videos.

    Anyone interested in Myles review of the Kondo Kaguras and Magico S5(original, not S5II) can see it here: A few videos with the Kondo Kaguras driving the Magico M3's/MPods, using the...
  26. Rhapsody

    Steve Guttenberg listens to the Ubiq Model One at Rhapsody Music and Cinema

  27. Rhapsody

    Magico M3/Vitus/MSB

    Not trying to hi-jack folks to another forum but Myles visited Rhapsody the other day and had a few comments on the new Magico M3s/Vitus/MSB http://

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