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  1. sbnx

    Music start delay on Reference DAC

    Great advice. I will try that and report back.
  2. sbnx

    Music start delay on Reference DAC

    Not yet. I guess other msb users arent experiencing this. I am wondering if it is a buffering thing.
  3. sbnx

    Music start delay on Reference DAC

    Hello everyone, Recently got the reference DAC and using the ProUSB interface. When using Roon from my music server (Antipodes K50) there is a delay to the start of the music where the first note or two or three from the song does not play. I do not have this issue with the Diamond V or the...
  4. sbnx

    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    Yes. Output impedance and damping factor are two ways of saying the same thing.
  5. sbnx

    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    Gryphon Mephisto has no negative feedback and an iron grip on the woofers. The CH's adjustability is double edged. Sure it is a great feature but it gives knobs to turn that influence the sound. This can lead to unrest in the audiophile mind. The Heisenberg may be a nice option. The Alexx V...
  6. sbnx

    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    I am not sure how we ended up down this path but it is an interesting one. I think this video interview of Dave Wilson talking about what is the "reference" is particularly germane.
  7. sbnx

    Todd's Music

    Here is one for fans of jazz. Ginger Baker 'Cyril Davies'. All I can say about the recording is WOW! Since the video doesn't show the cover here is an image of the CD.
  8. sbnx

    Speaker decoupling options

    Herbie puckies are probably the cheapest option to try and would not add much height. Cone/Spike Puckies – Herbie's Audio Lab (
  9. sbnx

    Audionet Pre G2 preferred connectivity

    I think the moderators need to delete the post that is in French. it is some kind of medical data for Viagra. here is a crude translation from the first paragraph: viagra and stent Table 2 shows the physical and hemodynamic data obtained at the end of thoracic and fainting feelings at 2 h...
  10. sbnx

    Audionet Pre G2 preferred connectivity

    Congrats on the awesome preamp. I think you are going to be surprised at how open and dynamic the sound is going to become. (Unless you have already heard it in your system) You are correct that AudioNet clearly prefers single ended connections. I would go single ended from pre to amp. As...
  11. sbnx

    Recommendations for stand mount speaker

    Since you want to use this speaker as a reference I am assuming you want something neutral. In this way you could tailor the speaker you design around the reference. Meaning is your speaker warmer sounding, more detailed, more energetic, etc. With this in mind how about the Joseph Audio...
  12. sbnx

    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    Do you mean input or output? For input I have 1000 CD's ripped to the SSD or I have an Ethernet cable for Qobuz. For output I have used SPDIF and AES/EBU to good success. I am gearing up to try USB via the MSB ProUSB input.
  13. sbnx

    2-Channel Subwoofer Integration

    Yes. MSO works quite well. What it predicts is very close to what will be measured once you input the recommended DSP filters. If you are new to measuring then there is a good bit of learning curve -- learning to setup and use REW, learning how to use MSO and also learning how to make the...
  14. sbnx

    Boulder 3060 smooth and a maybe even a bit warm?

    Welcome to WBF. Your first post says "my … hesitation..." and I think this is likely why you posted here. For this kind of commitment/expense I don't think you should have any hesitation. You might want to explore some of the options listed above as well as Gryphon. If you have not...
  15. sbnx

    Equipment Rack Location

    Tony, is this room used solely for listening? Could you give some dimensions?
  16. sbnx

    Dialing in your Subwoofer Crossover with your Main Speakers

    Something with good stand up bass being plucked in a scale. Brian bromberg “wood ii” or midnight sugar are both great. by far the easiest way is using REW and then you can see when the subs are integrated well as you will have a flat frequency response.
  17. sbnx

    Advice needed to improve the SQ of my music streaming over the CD transport

    Laptops aren’t ideal for SQ. But before you invest in a dedicated streamer research gigafoilv4.
  18. sbnx

    Speaker/ Subwoofer Placement

    Subwoofers are a hot topic lately. What frequency are you crossing over the subs? How far is it from the center of the sub to the side wall.
  19. sbnx

    Is it possible to get better bass in my room or do I need to change speakers?

    Can you publish your REW data with the speakers 14" higher? Compare before/after from 20-300Hz.
  20. sbnx

    Equipment Rack Location

    Glad to hear it worked out.
  21. sbnx

    Is it possible to get better bass in my room or do I need to change speakers?

    There is a way to test this. Raise the speakers up a 12"- 18" and measure the frequency response again. You only have to sweep from 20-300Hz. See which dip moved. When you raise the speaker be careful to leave it in the same X,Y position.
  22. sbnx

    Is it possible to get better bass in my room or do I need to change speakers?

    As you move the speakers away from the wall the null will move down in frequency. The idea here is that you want the null caused by the speakers to be in the range of the subwoofer. (Or another way of saying that is you want the null from the speakers to be below the crossover point.) So...
  23. sbnx

    Is it possible to get better bass in my room or do I need to change speakers?

    Here is one example of what I mean by integrating the subs. I set up a room at LSAF (Lone Star Audio Fest) in 2019 using a pair of Vivid V1.5's and a pair of JL Audio F113's. I used the CR-1 crossover and a DSP to control the subs. Note the scale on the frequency response graph is in 2 dB...
  24. sbnx

    Is it possible to get better bass in my room or do I need to change speakers?

    Nuprin, I have attached photos of what is happening in your room that is affecting the frequency response. Assuming your ear height is 36" and the speaker height is 36" and you have a 10 foot ceiling and you are sitting 9 feet from the speaker then I calculate the ceiling bounce at about 75Hz...
  25. sbnx

    The right preamp for a Mark Levinson 333

    I paired two preamps with the ML333. The 380s and a Rowland coherence. The rowland adds some tonal density/meat. If you want something more modern and neutral than the 380s then the simaudio moon 740p would be a good choice.
  26. sbnx

    Is it possible to get better bass in my room or do I need to change speakers?

    What is the distance from the tweeter to the wall behind the speaker? can you smooth the data to 1/24th octave and zoom in to 20 -300Hz? thanks
  27. sbnx

    2-Channel Subwoofer Integration

    LenWhite, Looked at the pics of your room on AG. Very nice. Do you have acoustic measurements of the system from your listening position? I am curious as based on where you have your speakers placed from the front wall (58") you should have a null at about 60Hz. Since your subwoofer is in...
  28. sbnx

    2-Channel Subwoofer Integration

    I am of the opinion that subwoofers add a great deal to the presentation. Not only low end extension (below 40Hz) but more importantly a sense of acoustic space. A pair of subs just makes the presentation much larger with a sense of envelopment. Once you understand how to setup a single or...
  29. sbnx

    Wilson Audio & Home Theatre

    Wilson makes great speakers for 2 channel audio. I would not use Wilson speakers in a home theater unless: You are the only person watching the movie from the center seat. The reason for this is Wilson speakers do not have uniform off axis frequency response. This would mean the the people...
  30. sbnx

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Question for my fellow tube rollers. I purchased a GZ480 rectifier several months ago to try in the Pacific. Finally plugged it in today and… Well the base of the tube didnt make it all the way through the hole in the top. Is it ok to use thus way?? thanks

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