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  1. bonzo75

    Satire: Facebook changes its name

    Facebook changing its name to Meta reminded me of two other name changes. Hilarious articles. One was when, following Enron, Andersen consulting changed its name to Accenture: Accent on the future. The other was Philip Morris changing its name to Altria...
  2. bonzo75

    Any audiophiles in Malta?

    Any audiophiles in Malta?
  3. bonzo75

    Fredkin's paradox for audiophiles

    Just came across this - The more similar two options are, the more difficult it is to decide between them, and the less consequential the decision becomes. A rational decider might find herself spending the most time on the least important decisions. Philosopher Edward Fredkin writes, “The more...
  4. bonzo75

    Cello Videos

    There hasn't been a video thread for a long time. So cello focused only If you put videos in search, and check the Search Titles Only box, you will find the other interesting threads on videos
  5. bonzo75

    Bar Brawl

    All, This is an anything goes thread, to keep other threads on topic. If other threads go off topic the mods can move the posts here if they choose, and everyone can hang out here. However, as OP, I might object if you go off topic here which means you post something that is relevant to...
  6. bonzo75

    Videos - oomph, tympani, menace, power

    Show me if you got the power
  7. bonzo75

    Fellas! Show me thy Cellas!

  8. bonzo75

    Videos: Show me MALE vocals

    From the defenestration series: following rock and drum, and the female vocal videos, this is mainly male. Duets with good male vocals allowed Testing testing
  9. bonzo75

    Zero Distortion: Dalby Record Weight

    Just a brief write-up on one of my favorite tweaks
  10. bonzo75

    Post your female vocal videos

    Since we have a rock and drums videos thread, and many classical videos, thought I would collate female vocal videos and people could post theirs here
  11. bonzo75

    Zero Distortion: Leif's System with TAD 4003 based dual FLH The article covers a visit to one of the top 3 systems I have heard, based on a TAD 4003 dual woofer FLH, entirely DIYed. The article discusses the attributes of beryllium, of TAD 4003, Leif’s approach and philosophy and...
  12. bonzo75

    hORNS universum videos

    Ortofon Anna, CH precision phono, custom pre and KT 120 push pull with tango and tamura transformers. Byrdparis' system
  13. bonzo75

    Gian's system - Vyger-Opus vs Techdas AF3, SAT+Lyra Lambda

    They are both extremely good. Tough to choose. One thing for sure, the Lambda seems a winner. It will be interesting when Gian moves the Lambda to the Vyger. To warm up, no compares
  14. bonzo75

    Rock and Drum videos thread

    No classical on this thread. Videos of systems playing rock and Drum
  15. bonzo75

    What do you think of this video

    What do you think of this video. And this is not directed to those who think every mobile phone video is trash, thanks. Please listen to the end for the brass and the woodwinds
  16. bonzo75

    Favorite TV shows thread

    Can you please recommend your favorite TV shows in a consolidated manner, we all have time to try them all out in lockdown. Here are mine Top recommended: Inside no.9 on BBC iPlayer/britbox - more intelligent than yes minister. 30 minute independent episodes. Watch first episode, and if you...
  17. bonzo75

    Boardwalk Empire

    Boardwalk Empire seems very good, early into season 1. 1920s based stylish series, alcohol prohibition is announced and American mafia gets in, with an young Al Capone
  18. bonzo75

    Cognitive dissonance

    While reading an article in the Atlantic, which I will not link to as it also covers current affairs which is not allowed, the initial part of the article covered the below points on cognitive dissonance that I thought were very relevant to the audio decision making process, hence just posting...
  19. bonzo75

    This lady is like an audiophile

    She persistently does it wrong thinking it will just work Also says "I know what I am doing" when somebody tries to help her
  20. bonzo75

    Succession - comedy series on a Murdoch like family

    Succession is excellent, a hilarious take based on a Murdoch like news magnate -. he has to figure out which of his spoilt brats to make the successor. Lots of hilarious family politics, and finale is fantastic. Two seasons, 10 episodes each...
  21. bonzo75

    New reality show
  22. bonzo75

    Ask him to review audio tantrums

    Tennis tantrums
  23. bonzo75

    Black mirror

    Black mirror is excellent. Saw all five seasons. Each episode is independent. The first episode actually was released just before the David Cameron pig scandal, and is hilarious with that background. Season 3, episode titled Hate of the Nation, is a modern take on Hitchcock's birds, with...
  24. bonzo75

    Brooklyn 99

    I binged on season 1 to 6 in about two weeks. Hilarious and fantastic. Season 5 and 6 the quality drops but still if you enjoyed the first 4 you will like them. Certainly the most entertaining, fun, type of series with the trollhunters. Now bingeing on black mirror. The first episode is the...
  25. bonzo75

    Audiophile test: Yanni or laurel

    Hi, what do you guys hear? Yanni or laurel
  26. bonzo75

    Guns n roses trivia

    Axl Rose wanted some pornographic sounds on Rocket Queen, so he brought in a girl in and they had sex in the studio. Recorded around 30 minutes of sex noises. Which is fine. The thing is, Axl chose for this the girlfriend of their drummer, Steve Adler (apparently he had a relationship with him...
  27. bonzo75

    Best tables from 1991 as per Voyd

    Mandatory self isolation reading Audiophile's Feb '91 issue - included is a review of the Voyd turntable, plus a feature 'The World's Best Turntables' which includes 4 models - the LP12, Roksan Xerxes, Townshend Rock Reference and VPI TNT...
  28. bonzo75

    Zero Distortion: Altec Assault and the Magic of Misho (Audio Antiquary) Warning: This is a long article, so you can take breaks while reading it, as it covers different sections: Introduction to Misho (AudioAntiquary) and the Altecs, his background owning Altecs, Bionor, WE 16a, etc Compares of his...

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